The tax directory of parliamentarians containing details of their tax returns will be issued by Federal Board of Revenue on Saturday (February 15).

This was stated by spokesman of Federal Board of Revenue Shahid Hussain Assad in an exclusive interview with Radio Pakistan's News and Current Affairs Channel on Friday.

He said the tax directory will be posted on the FBR website and the tax details of the parliamentarians would be available for the public view.

About Prime Minister's tax incentives scheme the spokesman said February 28 is the last date for benefiting from the scheme.

He said no questions would be asked about the sources of income from those investing in industrial sector.

He‚ however‚ made it clear that drug money or money generated through terrorist activities and other dubious sources would not be allowed to be invested.

To a question about broadening of tax net the spokesman said seventy thousand new tax payers have been brought into the net.

He said economy has registered five percent growth rate and inflation has been brought down to single digit of nine percent because of the government’s prudent economic policies.

About revenue collection‚ the spokesman said FBR is well on target.

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