The Government is endeavouring to address the issues of poverty, malnutrition and food insecurity through joint and collaborative approach between provinces and federation.

According to official sources, a networks is being established by the Planning Commission to co-ordinate with business community, academia and civil society to address the issues of food insecurity and malnutrition.

The Government is committed to enhancing spending on health to three percent of the GDP. It is developing a shared understanding of the health value chain in partnership with provinces and general public.

The government has also joined UN scaling up nutrition movement last year to combat malnutrition based on the principle that all people have a right to food and good nutrition. A Zero Hunger Cell has been established in Ministry of National Food, Security and Research in collaboration with World Food Programme to overcome hunger and malnutrition.

Acknowledging the role of poverty as a trigger to malnutrition, Pakistan Vision 2025 encapsulates Social Protection Policy which is aimed at reducing poverty, creating employment opportunities and strengthening marginalized people's capabilities to mitigate their risk and vulnerability. The Vision has targeted to reduce malnutrition up to fifty percent. To meet these objectives, government has expanded income support program in size and scope.

Under the Prime Minister's youth program the government is providing young people training and access to finance so that they can start their own businesses.

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