Pakistan has asked India to behave responsibly over the issue of Kulbhushan Yadav and refrain from issuing statements that could aggravate people to people hostility.There is need to arrest growing crisis in Pakistan-India relations before it becomes serious.All political parties of Pakistan are unanimous that award of death penalty after due process and overwhelming evidence against a foreign spy who carried out subversive activities and promoted terrorism is correct decision. Yadav was tried under the law of the land in a fairly transparent manner and awarded punishment on the basis of credible and specific evidence of his involvement in financing terrorism and carrying out subversive activities in Pakistan.

Host: Ali Naseer

Co-host: Ahsan Baheer

Analysts on Telephone:

Taimoor Shamil (Expert on Foreign Affairs):

Indian government is trying to manipulate the facts about Kulchushan Yadav. Even the foreign policies of present Indian government are not being appreciated in the world. Basically, India miscalculate the international scenario as it was expecting extra support form Trump’s government on the basis of which India was aiming to dominate in the region. India was not expecting the changes in the region as a new block consisting of China, Pakistan and China has been established and the current Indian government is in the state of frustration over it.

Abdullah Gul (Defense Analyst):

Indian government is just building-up a drama just to satisfy its nation. Kulbhushan Yadav was a serving Indian officer and he himself admitted that he was involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan. He was leading a big terrorist network in Pakistan. And even now, he has nothing to say in his self-defense. Kulbhushan Yadav is awarded punishment according to international laws. The policies of Modi’s government are pushing India to destruction. We must appreciate the stance of our Military and Civil leadership over Kulbhushan’s issue.

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