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Genocide of Muslims a step away in IOK, Assam: Dr Stanton
December 14, 2019

The world’s best-known expert on genocide has said Muslims in occupied Kashmir and Assam are just one step away from genocide.

At a briefing at the US Congress in Washington, President of the Genocide Watch, Dr Gregory Stanton said preparation for genocide is definitely under way in India.

He said, the persecution of Muslims in Assam and Kashmir is the stage just before genocide and the next stage is extermination- that’s what we call genocide.

The Congressional Briefing “Ground reports on Kashmir & NRC” was organized by three US-based civil society organizations – the Indian American Muslim Council, Emgage Action and Hindus for Human Rights.

He said that Modi’s regime had all the hallmarks of an incipient Nazi regime. “Nationalism taken to its extreme is fascism and Nazism.

Participating in the briefing via video link, a scholar with University of California, Berkeley, Dr Angana Chatterji slammed the crackdown in occupied Kashmir since Modi government revoked special status of Kashmir on 5th August.