Monday, 21 September 2020, 05:07:51 am
Chairman WAPDA assess damages to Nai Gaj Dam project caused by floodwater
August 15, 2020

Chairman Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority Muzammil Hussain visited Nai Gaj Dam project site, located in Dadu district of Sindh on Friday, to assess the on-ground situation and damages to the project caused by the floodwater.

He was apprised that the upstream protection dyke built to secure construction area of the main dam, was affected due to floods; however, part of the main dam built so far remained safe.

The Nai Gaj Dam Project is being constructed on Gaj River, 65-kilometre North-West of Dadu.

On completion, the dam would have a gross storage capacity of 300,000 acre feet, while command area of the project consists of 28,800 acres.