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Kartarpur Corridor will help bring people of Pakistan and India closer: Analysts
March 14, 2019

Brigadier, retired, Tipu Sultan (Independent Defense Analyst): 


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi cannot afford to create any hurdle in opening of Kartarpur corridor. Prime Minister Imran khan has taken a great initiative which is highly beneficial for regional peace. Kartarpur corridor can play a significant role to bring the people of two countries closer. Such peace initiatives do not suit the Indian hegemonic designs to dominate the region by sabotaging peace. Indian political elite have to amend its anti-Pakistan rhetoric and asserted diplomacy. BJP politics is based on extremism, sectarianism and hatred. India should learn from its mistakes. Pakistan military and political leadership are on the same page regarding defense of the nation. Afghan reconciliation process has successfully reached to its next level. Pakistan has emerged as an ambassador of peace in the region. Kartarpur has great significance as for as its geographical location is concerned. Opening of Kartarpur border is being lauded by Sikh community all over the world. Indian government must finish anti Pakistan propaganda and move ahead to normalize the ties between two countries for the welfare of the people.

Major, retired, Muhammad Farooq Malik (Independent Defense Analyst): 

There is some reluctance from Indian side, but Modi cannot afford further delay in opening of Kartarpur border because of the immense pressure from Sikh community. We can expect some surprise in coming election in India. The main bone of contention between Pakistan and India is Kashmir. Political solution to Kashmir issue and demilitarization of Held Valley is imperative for regional peace. Modi has developed an atmosphere of jingoism and standoff. Escalation between two nuclear states will continue if India does not show some responsibility towards regional peace. Public diplomacy is highly beneficial for two conflicted states.

Nuqta e Nazar:

Lieutenant General, retired, Naeem Khalid Lodhi (Independent Defense Analyst): 

It is a good omen that two countries engaged in positive negotiation after intense escalation. The Indian attitude has always been very hostile and negative towards Pakistan. Indian government cannot afford any misadventure or delay tactics at this point of time. The Pulwama incident has exposed Indian state terrorism in Occupied Kashmir. The ice between two countries has melted but India will have to show more responsibility and maturity to resolve all outstanding disputes between Pakistan and India. Prime Minister Imran khan has won the hearts of the Sikhs all over the world. International community has appreciated Pakistan’s efforts for regional peace. Pakistan is exhibiting very effective diplomacy and emerged as a responsible regional player. Pakistan has conveyed a message of peace and cooperation by taking Kartarpur corridor peace initiative.

Brigadier, retired, Said Nazir: (Independent Defense Analyst): 


De-escalation between Pakistan and India is in the best interest of the entire region. The Sikh community and intelligentsia of India has appreciated Pakistan’s stance for peace. It was Indian government’s responsibility to facilitate Sikh community living in India. Kartarpur corridor has connected Pakistan’s Sikh community with Sikh community living across the border. Pakistan believes in people to people contact and resolving all outstanding disputes through negotiation. Pakistan is also playing a key role for Afghan reconciliation process. International community has witnessed and appreciated Pakistan’s efforts for regional peace.

Brigadier, retired, Aftab Afzal (Independent Defense Analyst):  

Pakistan is committed to promote peace in the world. Opening of Kartarpur border will facilitate the Sikh community living across the border. Sikhs have divine affiliation with Pakistan. Prime Minister has directed to accommodate and facilitate the Sikh pilgrimages at every level. The people of Pakistan have immense love for Pakistan army and other security forces. Pakistan army has rendered matchless sacrifices for the defense of the nation.

Brigadier, retired, Mehmood Shah (Defense Analyst): 

Pakistan has always facilitated the Sikh community to make their pilgrimages more comfortable and safe. Indian government is obsessed with anti-Pakistan propaganda. Islamabad cannot expect any positivity from New Delhi under the leadership of racist leader. Narendra Modi cannot afford to lose support of Sikh community in coming election by delaying opening of Kartarpur corridor. BJP doctrine is dominated by anti Pakistan sentiments. Hard bargaining cannot help resolve disputes between Pakistan and India.