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PNCA to screen animation comedy film ‘Monster Hunter’ on Feb 16
February 14, 2018

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) in collaboration with China Cultural Center (CCC) would organize screening of live action- animation comedy ‘Monster Hunter’ in PNCA Lecture Hall on February 16.

‘Monster Hunt’ is a film with lots of comic action and gags. The film came out in China in 2015 and soon became a hit in China and elsewhere. It originally came out in 3D. ‘Monster Hunt’ takes us back into the past when the times were good and humans lived in peace and harmony with monsters.

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Then comes a time when friction erupts. Monster queen gives birth to a prince. The innocent baby faces threats from opposing forces, ready to mess up the peaceful environment. The peace has shown door to evil forces and evil would retaliate with all its might. It is a full-time adventure to save the baby from the clutches of outsiders.

The basic message comes with the fact that one must accept difference of opinion. We must have the courage to listen to others and their point-of-view which is other than ours. We must also see through other’s perspective. This results in understanding and coordination, avoiding conflict and tussle. The film carries this message by presenting it on screen by showing a land of mystery and myth with a baby as centre of attraction (or discord). All this is played with high-energy super martial-arts acts and feats.

All this looks cheesy, more to the children audiences. ‘Monster Hunt’ is full of such entertaining acts with high quality production effects, obviously carried and achieved in post-production with full help from CGE (computer generated effects). The slapstick comedy is another additional benefit here. It has been made intelligently which engages the young audiences with comic adventures from beginning to the end.