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Pakistan not to accept any Indian role for peace, stability in Afghanistan: Analyst
February 14, 2018


Brig (Retd) Aftab Afzal (Defense Analyst)

Visit of the Interior Minister to Washington is vital and he has conveyed some strong messages to the U.S administration and made it clear that any one sided offensive by the US against Pakistan will be a red line for the relations of the two countries. Many countries expressed reservations over Trump’s new South Asian policy. We are clear that Pakistan will never accept any Indian role for peace and stability in Afghanistan. United States has realized that Pakistan is a major stakeholder and without its support, regional peace is not possible. COAS also clarified that Pakistan has done a lot against war on terror and rendered huge sacrifices and the world must acknowledge the role of Pakistan in this regard.


Dr. Mansoor Akbar Kundi (IR Expert)

The interior minister has conveyed a sturdy statement and I really appreciate and endorse it. It was absolutely a commanding statement by our minister. United States is continuously trying to keep Pakistan under pressure but our minister made it clear that we do not need aid as we only want trade. Pakistan and Afghanistan are geographically connected, and it is necessary for the US to work with Pakistan for peace in Afghanistan. Pakistan has lost 60,000 lives and suffered from over $25 billion losses in the war against terror over the past few years whereas the American aid in this regard is very nominal.


Dr. Ashraf Toor (President, Pak-American Democratic Forum)

It seems that there is change in U.S thoughts and Washington has realized the importance of Pakistan in the region. Pakistan is in a position to stay firm on its stance of not doing more in war against terror and it is the time for the world to Do More. Trump’s policies are leading United States towards isolation. There is no option left for United States after the powerful statement of the interior minister that Pakistan will give a befitting response to conspiracies planned against it. U.S think tank also advised the U.S administration to develop strong and friendly relations with Pakistan.



Dr. A.Z. Hilali (IR Expert)

The interior minister clearly told the U.S administration that Pakistani people are dignified and that the country anticipates friendship with the US based on mutual trust and respect. Pakistan is not looking up for financial assistance but is ambitious for trade and developmental cooperation. Islamabad is more than willing to work for peace in collaboration with global fraternity and desires ties with the US on a footing of mutual respect. United States wants to put the pressure of its failure in Afghanistan on Pakistan but it is not possible as the world realizes the role of Pakistan in war against terror.


Dr. Farooq Hasnat (IR Expert)

Donald Trump after coming into power started alleging Pakistan for having safe havens of militants in the country and even threatened Islamabad for strict action against it. But now the situation has changed and United States realized that its targets in South Asian region will not be achieved without the support of Pakistan. Islamabad and Washington should work mutually for peace in Afghanistan.

Hamayun Iqbal Shami (Economist)

China Pakistan Economic Corridor is a mega project and every country is expressing willingness to be the part of this revolutionary project. UK will have two years to negotiate a new settlement before it has to leave European Union. Now Great Britain is looking for new trade avenue and CPEC is the best forum at the time. UK is rich in technology and Pakistan can take maximum advantage of it.