Friday, 25 May 2018, 10:12:48 am
Kashmiris struggling with new spirit for right to self-determination: Masood
February 14, 2018

AJK President Sardar Masood Khan says Kashmiris are struggling with new spirit for right to self-determination instead of Indian use of brute force to suppress them.

He was talking to a visiting delegation of Huriayat Conference leaders from Occupied Kashmir in Islamabad on Wednesday.

He said India has no option but to give up Kashmir Policy and sat for negotiation with Kashmiris for peaceful settlement of the issue. He regretted that West is giving preference to its trade agreements with India over Kashmir issue.

The delegation briefed AJK President about the latest situation in the Occupied Kashmir and said situation is deteriorating with each passing day. Indian troops are destroying houses and disgracing women. Indian troops are applying all repressive measures but Kashmiris keeping mettle of their liberation alive with their blood. Liberation from India and showing strong bond with Pakistan is now the mouth word of every Kashmiri child.

Meanwhile talking to a delegation of Sindh Youth Assembly, Sardar Masood Khan asked them to highlight Indian human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir at international and social media. A campaign “Kashmir Matters” should be launched through Twitter to inform the world about war crimes of Indian troops in the Occupied Kashmir.