Death anniversaries of romantic Poet Moulana Hasrat Mohani and verstile film actor Allahouddin was observed today.

Allauddin  was a versatile actor, playing a large variety of roles. He was one of very few film artists, who acted as hero, side hero, villain, comedian and character actor.

His film career spanned over four decades during which he worked in a large number of hits.

His memorable films include Baghi, Aakhri Nishan, Waada, Paatey Khan, Peengan, Mirza Saheban, Kartar Singh, Raz, Salma, Susral, Shaheed, Farangi, Badnam, Zarqa,  Umraujan and Ada.

While, Hasrat Mohani, was a romantic poet of Urdu language, journalist, politician, parliamentarian and a fearless freedom fighter of Indian sub-continent .

He was born in 1875 in Mohan near Unnao district Uttar Pardesh in India.

He participated in the struggle for independence and was jailed for many years by British authorities. He was the first person in Indian History who demanded 'Complete Independence' (Azadi-e-Kaamil) in 1921 as he presided over an annual session of All India Muslim League.

A few of his books are Kulliyat-e-Hasrat Mohani (Collection of Hasrat Mohani's poetry), Sharh-e-Kalam-e-Ghalib (Explanation of Ghalib's poetry), Nukaat-e-Sukhan (Important aspects of poetry), Mushahidaat-e-Zindaan (Observations in Prison), etc.

Maulana died on 13 May 1951.


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