Winding up debate on budget 2017-18 in National Assembly Finance Minister Ishaq Dar says that government has set six per cent growth rate for next year which is realistic and achievable. Prudent economic policies initiated by the government will bring prosperity to the country increasing per capita income of the people. The Minister hoped to achieve seven per cent GDP growth rate in 2018-19. 75 budget proposals of the Senate have been accepted totally or partially out of total 276 while 147 suggestions have been forwarded to the planning division with favorable remarks.

Analyst on Telephone:

Dr. Shahid Hassan Siddiqui (Economist)

In last fiscal year the government set the target of Growth Rate as 5.7% and managed to achieve 5.38%. The provincial governments must have supported the federal government in this regard but unfortunately some provincial governments involved themselves in politics and never supported the government to achieve the set target. Even then the Growth Rate achieved is more than the previous years. The incumbent government has managed to improve the economy of the country and is paying special attention to improve the industrial sector in order to maximize exports. International organizations have also acknowledged that economic indicators of Pakistan are showing positive trend. 

Host: Dr. Sajjad Bukhari

Co-hosts: Fouzia Shahid & Azeem Ch 

Sports Analyst: Kashif Majeed

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