The House resumed general discussion on budgetary proposals for the fiscal year 2016-17.

Taking part in the discussion, Mahreen Razzaq Bhutto said that the agriculture sector showed negative growth during the current fiscal year due to wrong policies of the government. She said that the Kissan Package announced in the next year's budget should be implemented in letter and spirit. She lauded the continuation of the Benazir Income Support Program in the next budget .

Farhana Qammar congratulated the Finance Minister on presenting pro people and pro economic budget .  She lauded government's measures for enhancing revenue collection. She said that 21 percent increase in the Public Sector Development Program is a good step.

Dr Arif Alvi said that the tax rate has been increased and no measures have been taken to include new persons in the tax circle in the next year's budget . He said the burden on the tax payers has been doubled. He also criticized indirect taxes. 

Iftikhar Ahmad Cheema described the budget as balanced one and praise worthy. He said it is a good omen that the government has allocated special attention and allocated funds to end the load shedding in the country.

Naseema Panezai said that subsidy on the fertilizer is a good step but she proposed that it should be enhanced. She also proposed to implement direct taxes and avoid indirect taxes. She said more funds should be allocated to the water sector to address the water issues in the country particularly the Balochistan province.    

Tariq Iqbal Chaudhry congratulated the government on presenting a people friendly and balanced budget . He said that the government has set the country in the right direction.

Shaikh Salahuddin proposed that census should be conducted to ascertain the actual population of the country. 

Mian Tariq Mahmood proposed provision of solar tubewells to the farmers on soft loans.

Imran Zafar Leghari said that more resources should be allocated for the under developed areas of the country.

Waheed Alam Kahn said relief has been provided to all segments of the society.

Dr. Shireen Mazari said that government should take measures for the protection of women rights.

Dr Muhammad Afzal Khan described the budget as labour, people and farmers friendly.

Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao proposed that FATA should be merged with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to bring improvements in both the areas.

Sahibzada Faiz-ul-Hassan described the budget as pro-poor.

Gulzar Khan said that agriculture sector should be subsidized in the pattern of Europe and US.

The House will now meet at 11.00 a.m. tomorrow.

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