Minister of State for Information Marriyum Aurangzeb says the JIT report is based on prejudice and it had vindicated reservations and lack of trust expressed by the Sharif family right from the beginning.

Addressing a press conference along with Member National Assembly, Danyal Aziz in Islamabad, she said the 256-page report, could not point out a single corruption case against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

She said the report rather had corroborated the fact that Nawaz Sharif had neither indulged in any corruption nor had taken any kickbacks during his stints as prime minister and chief minister Punjab.

The minister expressed hope that the Supreme Court would itself reject the fabricated lies of the joint investigation report when it would be challenged by the legal team of Sharif family, which is examining it threadbare.

Marriyum said that if the words like apprehensions, possibility and misgivings are removed, the report would be reduced to mere a collection of fables.

She said that investigative reports are not based on conjectures and assumptions, but on concrete and irrefutable evidence which is nowhere visible in the JIT report.

The minister said the JIT report is only a report on the businesses of the Sharif family and the team had failed to answer or focus on the question asked by the Supreme Court.

Addressing the press conference, Daniyal Aziz, referring to the noise being raised by the opposition, said why are they clamouring about a report, which is incomplete and inconclusive.

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