The Federal Cabinet in its meeting in Islamabad on Thursday reposed full confidence in the leadership of Prime Minster Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and endorsed his firm decision not to step down.

He said PML(N) bagged more votes in general elections than the aggregates of those demanding his resignation.

The Prime Minister said that he will not resign on the demand of a group of conspirators.

Nawaz Sharif reaffirmed that the journey of progress will not be allowed to derail as the country has already paid a huge price due to political crises in the past.

The Prime Minister said projects worth billions of rupees are being executed but no evidence of any corruption has been found.

Federal Cabinet approved proposals of a number of agreements and Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation with different countries.

It approved start of negotiations for draft MoU with Maldives for opening up of Defence Credit Line of ten million dollar and an MoU for cooperation in the field of tourism.

The cabinet approved start of negotiations on air services agreements with Azerbaijan, Serbia, Vietnam and Brazil.

Approval was given to signing of MoUs for cooperation with Azerbaijan and Tajikistan in trade promotion.

The meeting approved signing of defence cooperation agreements with Indonesia, Turkey and Poland.

It also accorded approval to signing of MoUs with Russia for cooperation in education, finance and banking sectors.

Earlier, the Federal Cabinet constituted its special committee to propose nomenclature of the new Islamabad airport.

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