The Federal Cabinet in its meeting in Islamabad on Thursday reposed full confidence in the leadership of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and endorsed his firm decision not to step down. PML(N) bagged more votes in general elections than the aggregates of those demanding his resignation. Nawaz Sharif reaffirmed that the journey of progress will not be allowed to derail as the country has already paid a huge price due to political crises in the past.

Analysts on Telephone:

Chaudhary Jaffar Iqbal (Leader, PML-N):

The political parties have been conspiring against an elected Prime Minister since PML-N came into power after 2013 elections. The Federal Cabinet has expressed confidence on leadership of Mian Nawaz Sharif and the members have endorsed his firm decision not to step down. The collective votes of those demanding resignation from him are less than the votes that PMLN had secured and Prime Minister will not resign on the demand of a group of conspirators. The leaders criticizing PM are unable to provide their own money trails in the court. These elements are just creating hurdles to divert the government’s attention from its agenda of economic development. PML-N will come into power after 2018 elections as well on the basis of its performance and delivering to the people of the country.

Sheikh Rohail Asghar (Leader, PML-N):

I would like to advise the opposition parties including PPP, PTI and JI to have thorough study of the constitution according to which an elected Prime Minister has to complete his tenure of five years. Moreover the political parties are also well aware of the fact that the government comes in power with the votes of people. The nation has given its mandate to PML-N. The other parties are afraid of the so for achievements of the government and also aware that when nation will evaluate the performance of PML-N then it will again come into power after next general elections. A number of development projects worth billions of dollars are underway in the country and Prime Minister and PML-N is not involved in any sort of corruption.

India's belligerence poses threat to regional peace and security- Pakistan expresses serious concerns over frequent ceasefire violations by Indian forces on the line of control and the working boundary

At his weekly news briefing in Islamabad on Thursday, Foreign Office Spokesperson Nafees Zakaria says the Indian side is deliberately heightening tension in order to divert world attention from its atrocities in occupied Kashmir. Indian forces committed five hundred and forty two ceasefire violations in the current year in which eighteen civilians embraced martyrdom. Pakistani forces give befitting response to the Indian aggression but they are demonstrating utmost restraint as Pakistan has no desire to escalate the tension. World community and the United Nations have also expressed concerns over the LOC situation. Pakistan believes in resolution of all issues through dialogue. It is time that the international community takes concrete measures to stop the bloodshed in the valley. Pakistan believes that there is no military solution to Afghan issue. Focus should be on politically negotiated settlement which is Afghan led and Afghan owned.

Analyst on Telephone:

Dr. Talat Wizarat (IR Expert):

The incumbent government is making all out efforts to improve and strengthen its bilateral relations with all the countries including India but after Narendra Modi came into power India adopted an aggressive attitude towards Pakistan the Indian forces start violating LoC and the Working Boundary. International community must take notice of Indian policies and force India to revise its policies but for the sake of its national and trade interests with India the international community is silent over Indian policies. Many countries including China have offered their role to mediate between India and Pakistan to resolve Kashmir dispute which is main cause of Indo-Pak tensions. But India adopted a rigid attitude and rejected these offers.

Host: Dr. Shafiq-ur-Rehman

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