Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s Nuqta-e Nazar program, Defense Analyst Gen. (Retd) Amjad Shoaib said: “In past, terrorists were bailed out but this will not happen now. Military courts have been constituted and the terrorists would be punished for their illegal acts and terrorism will be eliminated from our country. Operation Zarb-e-Azb has been progressing successfully. Many terrorists have been killed and the armed forces have destroyed their hideouts. Now, remaining militants are on the run but Pak Army is chasing them. India has started a new propaganda to divert the attention of military forces from Operation Zarb-e-Azb by continuously violating LoC and Working Boundary. India is a country with double standards. It has imposed head money on Hafiz Saeed but never talked about the cruelty of Fazlullah. India has also been involved in terrorist activities in Balochistan as well. Pakistan should have to talk to John Kerry on these issues. After the withdrawal of NATO and US forces, Afghan government will rely on Pakistan for the betterment of its future.”

Analyst Professor Rasheed Ahmed said: “The constitution of National Action Plan committee is a positive and result oriented step of the present government. It has been agreed to extend this plan to Gilgit-Baltistan to eliminate terrorism from the area. Previous governments have done nothing in this regard. John Kerry has visited India before coming to Pakistan. The visit will be helpful in improvement of bilateral relations of both the countries. US should support Pakistan in elimination of terrorism from its roots. Government of Pakistan should also focus on to strengthen relations with China put the economy on the right track. Peaceful Afghanistan would definitely result in peace and prosperity in the region.”

Senior journalist Amir Mateen said: “All points are important in the declaration. United States will provide about $ 250 million to Pakistan for the shelter and resettlement of the population affected by the military operations. NATO forces have been withdrawing from Afghanistan so US cannot work on the policy of ‘DO MORE’”. US want to improve relations with Pakistan and reduce the previous tensions between both the countries because Pakistan has very important geographical location.”

Analyst Dr. Hussain Shaheed Sehrwardi said: “US always focus on its national interests. Foreign hands are definitely involved in the Peshawar incident. Pakistan has been facing the biggest challenge of power shortage and US should support the government of Pakistan in this regard. Government of Afghanistan should destroy terrorists' hideouts from their soil. Pakistan has been honestly fighting against militants because our country has sacrificed more than any other country. India has been violating LoC and Working Boundary so US should talk to Indian government and force them to stop such activities.”

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