Information Minister says PML-N government took special measures to reduce poverty and inflation and revive national economy.

Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s Nuqta-e-Nazar program he said: “The economy of the country was in bad shape when PML-N came into power after General Elections of 2013. Our country was facing a lot of challenges at that time. Present government has reduced the petroleum and electricity prices. Value of Pakistani currency has improved because of better economic policies of the government. Sit-ins have affected the economy of the country to a great extent. Nation got relief with the cut in electricity prices by Rs. 2.32 per unit. There has been an increase of 1500 KW of electricity in the national grid. People of Pakistan have rejected the political style of PTI. Imran Khan’s call of shutter down strikes in Faisalabad and Karachi has failed and hopefully PTI will face the same response from Lahore.”

Senior journalist Zafar Mehmood Sheikh said: “Every political party has the right to show its performance in a positive way because it has to face the people for election campaign. Nation of Pakistan has matured with the passage of time. Government has been trying to overcome all the challenges that our country is facing. The development projects initiated by present government will result in economic stability and prosperity in our country. In spite of all hurdles, government has been focusing on to resolve the country’s issues patiently.”  

Spokesperson to Prime Minister Musadik Malik said: “Political parties should sacrifice their personal interests for national interests and avoid politics of anarchy. The Chinese investment of over US$ 40 billion on different development projects would result in prosperity in Pakistan. Gawadar Port project will be completed with the support of China. Pak-China economic corridor would be helpful for improvement in the economy of our country. We should have to be united to make Pakistan a developed country. Sit-ins and protests have been affecting the economy and education. Protest should be held in specific areas so that a common man does not suffer. Power shortage will be overcome with the timely completion of power projects. Pakistan has managed to achieve GSP plus status from European Union. China, Russia, Germany and other countries have been showing interest to invest in different development projects in Pakistan.”

Founding Member PTI Akbar S. Babar said: “Imran Khan should have demanded five points because Pakistan was divided into two parts because of the six points of Sheikh Mujeeb ur Rehman. Imran Khan wants a caretaker government. Blocking roads and closing markets is a cheap ploy and reflects immature politics. Pakistan had faced the same situation in 1971. Our country could not afford immature politics at this time. Each political leader should have to avoid using abusive and threatening language in a democratic system.”

PML-N leader Romina Khursheed said: “Government has been showing patience against immature politics of PTI and concentrating on completion of development projects within specified time. Now, government and PTI have decided to resume dialogue which is a positive gesture but PTI should have to show serious attitude to make this dialogue meaningful.”

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