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The crew members of Punjab Government`s Mi 17 helicopter that had crash landed in Afghanistan have safely returned to Islamabad.

According to reports, the Taliban made the six-crew members hostage when the helicopter made crash landing in Afghan province Logar on fourth of this month.

Authorities in Pakistan immediately contacted the Afghan Government after the incident to ensure the safe return of the members, which also included a Russian navigator.

According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs the crew members included Crew Chief Muhammad Kausar, Chief pilot Capt Safdar Hussain, First Officer Capt Muhammad Shafiq-ur-Rehman, Flight Engineer Nasir Mahmood, Capt Safdar Ashraf and a Russian navigator Sergei Sevastianov.

Punjab Chief Minister has felicitated the family members of the copter crew .

In a statement, he also thanked the concerned persons for their efforts to make the return of crew possible.

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