RAW agent Kulbushan Yadav has himself confessed to his crimes. The agent was involved in subversive activities in the country. Pakistan has apprised the world community about the Indian interference in the country.

President Calls for Adoption Of Latest Technology In Medical Profession

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the Surgeon General International Conference Mamnoon Hussain says rapid changes are taking place in the realm of economy and technology. Rapid changes are taking place in the realm of economy and technology but role of the medical profession remains the same. Doctors and others associated with medical profession can rightly be concerned about their career but they must also ensure that these concerns do not conflict with basic human values. He expressed the confidence that the conference would be able to formulate recommendations for a new social contract between doctors and patients.

Pakistan Attaches Great Importance to Relations with Britain: Fatemi

Special Assistant on Foreign Affairs Tariq Fatemi during meeting Lord Qurban Hussain highlights the remarkable progress made by Pakistan during the last four years. Pakistan attaches great importance to relations with the Britain. The remarkable progress made by Pakistan during the last four years in counter-terrorism, economic development and democratic consolidation. Lord Qurban Hussain assured his continued support for Pakistan in the British Parliament and acknowledged the positive impact of Government's socio-economic policies.

China's One Belt And One Road Initiative Not Only Connects Trade, People, but Also Connects Hearts: Maleeha Lodhi

In an interview to Xinhua News Agency  Pakistan's UN ambassador said it is certainly a cornerstone of Pakistan's foreign policy on CPEC which is part of Pakistan's Ambassador to United Nations Maleeha Lodhi has said President Xi's vision of one belt one road is winning for the whole region. It is certainly a cornerstone of Pakistan's foreign policy on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor which is part of "One Road, One Belt'. We would like to play a leading role and also ensuring that there is regional connectivity which bring not just people together, but hearts together.  Pakistan always welcomes, because its relations with China are like what President Xi described that we are like 'iron brothers'.

Washington's Relationship with Moscow Is At an All-Time Low: Trump

The US President Donald Trump says that Washington's relationship with Moscow may be at an all-time low now. Trump made these remark at a joint press conference with visiting NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the White House. The Russian government has condemned the missile strikes by the United States on a Syrian airbase and has termed it an aggression against a sovereign state.

Abbas Seeks 'Unprecedented' Steps to End Palestinian Split

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says  that he is taking unprecedented steps to end the political division between his West Bank-based autonomy government and the Hamas-run Gaza Strip. Quoting the statement of Abbas, official WAFA news agency reported that he has not mentioned details of measures being taken for unity of all groups of Palestinians. The Islamic militant group Hamas had taken control of Gaza in 2007 and the unity government set up in 2014 has not been succeeded so far to take control in Gaza.

Russia Vetoes UNSC Draft Resolution on Syria Gas Attack Probe

China, Ethiopia and Kazakhstan abstained from the vote. Russia has vetoed a UN Security Council resolution to condemn and investigate the alleged use of chemical weapons in Idlib province of Syria. Ten countries voted in favour of the resolution while Bolivia joined Russia in voting no. China, Ethiopia and Kazakhstan abstained from the vote. The vote came after US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned that trust between Moscow and Washington has plunged to a "low level" amid rising tensions over the war in Syria.

Russia Opens to Dialogue with US

Speaking at a news conference after talks with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in Moscow Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says it is open to dialogue with the United States despite existing tense relations between the two countries. There are considerable prospects of joint work for both countries. He said Moscow is also ready for joint action with Washington in the areas which correspond to interests of both countries.

Editorial: Mr. Trump’s Fickle Diplomacy (New York Times)

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