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PSC ranks 22nd on Access to Seeds Index
November 13, 2018

Punjab Seed Corporation has been ranked 22nd on the Access to Seeds Index, issued by the Thailand based `East West Seed`.

The Index was issued after evaluating 24 leading seed companies in South and Southeast Asia.

The first-ever index for South and Southeast Asia evaluated leading seed companies in the region with comprehensive strategies and clear targets for tackling food and nutrition security to support growth productivity of small holder farmers one of the main targets of the Sustainable Development Goals.

According to the index, companies at the bottom of the ranking generally score low due to a lack of disclosures of their ambition and activities.

The PSC markets a broad portfolio of field crop varieties as well as some vegetable varieties through extensive distribution channels in Punjab.

However, according to the findings, the PSC does not have a comprehensive breeding programme, resulting in relatively weaker performance in research and development.

Additionally, it was noted in the Index that the corporation also lacks corporate oversight and capacity building activities to benefit smallholder farmers.

The report also highlights that 22 Index companies have a presence in Pakistan adding that the country has a significant local seed industry.

The enactment of the `Plant Breeders` Rights Act 2016`is seen as encouragement for seed companies to invest in research and development. Moreover, 10 companies indicate having testing locations in Pakistan, while other elements of the seed value chain, from breeding programmes and seed production to seed processing and extension services, offer significant potential.