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PTI Govt committed to facilitate common man: Analysts
September 13, 2018


Dr. Muhammad Khan (Economist):

The new government has decided to take every initiative to improve the economic condition of the country and take it out of the existing economic crises. There are huge expectations from the new government and it is hoped that the next budget will be in the best interest of common and poor men of the country. The government is committed to take all necessary steps for the betterment of the people of Pakistan.

Ali Muhammad Khan (MNA PTI):

Despite of all the baseless criticisms, the PTI government is committed to resolve all the existing issues and strengthen the institutions with good governance. The government has no plans to put extra burden of taxes on people and will take   concrete measures to put country out of the existing economic crises. There are some elements which are deliberately trying to create an atmosphere of confusion between the government and people of Pakistan. We will resolve all the existing issues with good governance and eradication of corruption. We have no plans to end subsidies however, it is imperative to analyse the cost balance analysis to determine the sustainability of any project.

Dr. Ramesh Kumar (Leader, PTI):

The people of Pakistan have given us a chance and we realize that we will be evaluated on the basis of our performance. There are huge expectations linked with the incumbent government and we are committed to facilitate the common man. We are facing worst economic crises due to the poor economic strategies of the previous governments. It is true that we will have to take some unpopular decisions however it is priority of the government not to put any burden on poor men of the country. The international community has warmly welcomed the new government which will encourage the international investors to invest in Pakistan without any fear.


ISI’S in times operations saved us from mighty disasters many time.

Lt Gen (Retd) Naeem Khalid Lodhi (Defense Analyst):


The nature of war fare has shifted from traditional war techniques to hybrid war, economic war and media war. This is responsibility of intelligence agencies to share intelligence information with the government to take in time necessary actions against the enemies. The role of ISI is very significant to stop terrorist activities and Pakistan has one of the best and professional intelligence agencies in the world. Pakistan army is using both human development and technology for collecting intelligence based information. The civil and military leadership of Pakistan are on one page for the sake of national sovereignty and integrity and there is no trust deficit between the institutions. We should not pay attention to the external propagandas and trust our own institutions.

Lt Gen (Retd) Talat Masood (Defense Analyst):


The role of intelligence agencies is very important to maintain the peace in the country. The intelligence and security agencies of Pakistan are capable enough to counter any external and internal threat. Pakistan army has rendered matchless sacrifices to eradicate terrorism from the country and in time operations of ISI saved us from mighty disasters many times. Positive engagements, coordination and understanding between the institutions give a positive image and it is in the best interest of the country.