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Negotiated settlement of Pakistan-India disputes to help bring peace & stability in region: Analyst
February 13, 2018

Major General, retired, Ijaz Awan (Defense Analyst): “India is committing massive ceasefire violations along the LoC and the Working Boundary. Indian state-sponsored terrorism in Occupied Kashmir is condemnable. India has been leveling baseless allegations against Pakistan that has no weightage. Kulbhushan Yadhav’s apprehension and confession regarding involvement in subversive activities in Pakistan is a clear-cut indication that India is pursuing anti-Pakistan agenda. India must allow UN military Observer Group to visit occupied areas in Kashmir to access ground realities. Negotiated settlement of Pakistan-India disputes will help bring peace and stability in the region. International community needs to take notice of massive human rights violations committed by Indian forces in Indian Held Kashmir.”

Dr. Rasheed Ahmed Khan (IR Expert): “The situation in Occupied Kashmir is getting worse and Indian policies have failed in the valley. The Indian forces are facing extreme resistance from Kashmiris who have been struggling for their basic right of self-determination. Indian government is frustrated over the situation and, without any investigation, holds Pakistan responsible for supporting freedom fighters in Indian Held Kashmir. It is a good development that South Asian region is becoming the focus-point for the other countries so peace and stability in this region is also in the interest of international community so must play role to resolve Kashmir dispute.”

Brig (Retd) Said Nazir (Defense Analyst): “Indian media is carrying out anti-Pakistan agenda. India itself is involved in state-terrorism in Occupied Kashmir and continuously violating LoC and the Working Boundary. Kashmiri children and school girls are on the roads to protest against illegal occupation of India in Kashmir. Anti-India sentiment are running deep in Kashmir’s mostly Muslim population and most people support the separatists’ cause. Indian politicians are also criticizing the Modi’s policies and praising Pakistan’s negotiation policy. The entire world is watching India's growing oppressive tactics in Kashmir. India will be the isolated soon in the region.”

Dr. Ghulam Mustafa (IR Expert): “The Chiefs of Defense Conference is a historic event and it will definitely be fruitful. Indian involvement in the region specifically in Afghanistan will be contained. Undoubtedly, the economic development and peace in the region is directly linked to peace and stability in Afghanistan. The participants of the conference with the mutual consensus agreed to continue cooperation for peace and stability in the region. Pakistan had also offered joint investigation into the Kabul’s terror attacks. Pakistan is willing to play positive role for regional peace, but a collaborative approach and persistence is vital in this regard.”


Dr. Zahid Anwar Khan (IR Expert): “Terrorism is becoming a global issue, but Pakistan and Afghanistan have suffered more than any other country due to this menace. The recently held Chiefs of Defense Conference in Kabul is a positive development under the prevailing regional situation. Afghanistan must join China-Pakistan Economic Corridor for its economic development and this project is viable option for the war-torn country. Pakistan has eliminated all militant sanctuaries from its territory and there are no more ’No Go’ areas in Pakistan. Islamabad will never allow its territory to be used against any other country and expects the same in reciprocity. ”