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CJP directs for swift disposal of cases
January 13, 2018

Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar has directed the judges of the High Court to dispose the cases in ninety days.

Addressing judicial conference in Karachi on Saturday, he said parliament is supreme organ to frame laws while judiciary will ensure implementation of these laws.

The Chief Justice also launched judicial reforms on Saturday.  

He started the mission by visiting the Quaid's Mausoleum where he offered Fateha and prayed for the success, tranquility and stability of the country.  

The Chief Justice pledged to take the judicial reforms to fruition expeditiously so that the general public gets benefit of the initiative as soon as possible.

Addressing another ceremony in Karachi, Justice Saqib Nisar has said that cheaper justice is the right of every person.

He said we will have to resolve the issue relating to delay in delivery of  justice.

The Chief Justice said we have to upgrade our judicial academies so that they could impart training to the judges in the most effective manner.

He said that judiciary remains within its jurisdiction and never interferes in other organs of the state.

Justice Saqib Nisar further said that Punjab has taken a number of positive initiatives, including introduction of information technology and establishment of model courts.