Programme Aay Shehr-e-Jamal is based on various colours of Lahore. which represents culture, heritage & traditions of Pakistan.  In this Programme, segment Naqshe Jamal is related with Historical buildings and architecture of Lahore.  As Lahore is a city with an extremely rich culture and history. This report is about the famous building “Shahi Hammam”  situated inside the Dehli Gate. The Shahi Hammam also known as the Wazir Khan Hammam, is a Persian style bath which was built in Lahore , in 1635. The Shahi Hammam is the last remaining Mughal-era hammam in Lahore.



Script & Voice:     Muddasser Qadeer

Duration:              5:51           

Language:             Urdu

Producer:             Muddasser Qadeer 

It is a Production of PBC Lahore. 

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