PML-N does not believe in the politics of using bad language against its opponents; rather it is committed to serve them with sincere efforts.

Government reaffirms its commitment to pursue its agenda of development and prosperity
Addressing a mammoth public rally in Chichawatni , the Prime Minister said whole Pakistan is reaping the benefits of development projects started by PML- N government without any discrimination. The government will continue to pursue its agenda of development and prosperity for the benefit of the masses. The government has taken numerous steps to improve the welfare of people.

Reduction in prices:

Government passed on the benefit of reduction in oil prices to the people and the price of electricity has significantly been reduced, bringing it down from 18 rupees to 5.25 rupees per unit. Similarly the price of urea has been brought down from 4000 rupees to 2500 rupees per bag to facilitate the farming community.Prime Minister lamented that prosperity is being witnessed all over the country except KPK where the rulers are busy in the politics of baseless allegations and accusations.

Host: Dr Shafiq

Analysts Live on Phone:

Muhammad Moeen Wattoo (Leader, PML-N)

There is no doubt that PML-N is working on  agenda of economic development. The priority of the incumbent government is to strengthen the economy of the country by utilizing all available resources. Road infrastructure has improved to a great extent. Load-shedding has reduced and expected to be eliminated completely by next year. 10,000MW electricity will be added in the national grid. The government has initiated a number of development projects under CPEC as a result of which foreign investment has also improved. Prime Minister is taking revolutionary steps to make Pakistan a developed country. The time is not far when Pakistan will be the Asian Tiger.

Sardar Munsab Ali Dogar (Leader, PML-N)

I have never witnessed so much development in my life before the current tenure of PML-N government. It is also a fact that all the initiated development projects are ensured to be completed in specified time. The incumbent government is paying special attention to improve health and education system in the rural areas. The opposition criticizes the government even on its achievements. It is unfortunate that some political leaders are using abusive language for the government. PTI and PPP have failed to deliver to the people of KP and Sindh. The government is carrying out development work in all provinces without any discrimination. I am hopeful that PML-N will be in power after next election on the basis of its performance. The credit for improved security situation in the country goes to the government and security forces.

Barrister Daniyal Chaudhary (Leader, PML-N)

PM Nawaz believes in economic development and PML-N’s agenda is to strengthen the economy of the country. The improvement in the economy of our country has also been appreciated by international organizations. The improvement in health and education sectors reflect PML-N’s manifesto. There were two main challenges that PML-N has to face when it came into power. First of all it has to improve the law and order situation in the country and secondly overcoming energy shortage. The government is determined to eliminate load-shedding by the year  2018 which is a big achievement. Due to constructive policies of Prime Minister Pakistan will be leading in the region. Security situation has also improved to a great extent. Pakistan is among only few countries in the world where CNIC cards have been bio-metric verified.

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