President Mamnoon Hussain has underscored the need for ethical and moral reformation of the prisoners to help control crime rate and to make them an effective part of the society.

He was talking on the occasion of the presentation of a report prepared by the Prison Reforms Committee under the auspices of the Federal Ombudsman Secretariat in Islamabad on Wednesday.

The President said that in the modern world prison reforms have been introduced in the light of Islamic teachings and prisons have been turned into reforms centers.

He said the basic purpose of punishment is to change their mindset through better treatment and training.

He stated that Zakat can also be used to secure release of prisoners who cannot pay their fines. He also commended the efforts of the well off segment of society for ameliorating the condition of prisoners and said that such charity will promote goodwill in society.

On the occasion, the Federal Ombudsman presented a report of reforms in prisons to the President and briefed him on important features of the report.

Meanwhile, talking to Chairman World Federation of Neurology Dr. Muhammad Wasay in Islamabad on Wednesday, the President said people can be prevented from contracting fatal diseases by raising awareness among them about the principles of hygiene.

He said relevant government departments and medical organizations can play an important role in this regard.

He said awareness campaigns should be launched with the cooperation of professional organizations of doctors.

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