The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) condemns state terrorism in the Indian Occupied Kashmir and calls upon India to implement the UN Security Council resolutions to resolve the Kashmir dispute. This condemnation came during 44th session of OIC Council of Foreign Ministers held in Cote d'Ivoire. The resolution, adopted unanimously by the 56 member Council, noted that Jammu and Kashmir remains the core dispute between India and Pakistan. It deplored the continued use of live ammunition and pellet guns by Indian forces causing mass blinding and killings of innocent Kashmiris.

The government says it is upgrading railways costing billions of dollars to provide a spur to regional trade

Pakistan arranges finances of eight billion dollars for upgradation of railway line from Karachi to Peshawar. Addressing a conference in Islamabad, Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique says the government is paying attention towards the development of the railways. This will give impetus to regional trade. The development of Railways will help exploit the full potential of Gwadar port and transportation of goods to land locked Afghanistan and Central Asian states.  

Monsoon rains lashing different parts of country 

Monsoon rains are intermittently lashing different parts of the country including Islamabad, Upper Punjab, Upper Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Kashmir. Met Office spokesperson says the current monsoon spell will continue till Sunday. The highest rainfall of 138mm has been recorded in Gujrat followed by 113mm in Sialkot. 78mm rain was recorded in Rawalpindi and 61mm in Islamabad. 

Pakistani IT professionals attending Microsoft event in Washington- Aizaz Chaudhry says Pakistan is an emerging market for the international investors

A 16-member delegation of IT professionals from Pakistan is attending a Microsoft Global Partner event “Inspire” being held in Washington from July 9-13. The delegation met Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States at the Embassy and discussed matters relating to IT sector in the country. Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry says there is a tremendous potential for promoting Information Technology (IT) sector at the international level. Ambassador Chaudhry underscores that CPEC has opened new avenues for Pakistan and is considered as an emerging investment hub for a large number of investors from all over the world and this trend is recently being followed by the Corporate America.

US and Qatar sign deal on fighting terrorism

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson praises Qatar's commitment to help track down and disable sources of terror funding. Qatar and the United States have signed an agreement to help combat "terrorism financing" during a visit to Doha by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Tillerson is in Doha pushing for dialogue to resolve a dispute between Qatar and its neighbouring Gulf countries. Sheikh Mohammed says the signing is "not related to the recent crisis and the blockade imposed against Qatar". 

Trump 'didn't know about son's Russia meeting'

US President Donald Trump's son says he did not tell his father about a meeting with a Russian lawyer who said she could help his election campaign. Donald Trump Jr says the meeting was "just a nothing" but he should have handled it differently. He released emails showing he welcomed an offer to meet the lawyer, who was allegedly linked to the Kremlin and had material damaging to Hillary Clinton. US officials are investigating alleged Russian meddling in the US election. 

Erdogan says EU wastes Turkey's time 

Turkey will find it "comforting" if the EU says it cannot be accepted as a member. EU, bluntly says, 'We will not be able to accept Turkey into the EU' this will be comforting for us. Turkey was being described as a country which has accomplished a silent revolution during European Union leaders’ summits. Erdogan says the majority of Turks "don't want the EU anymore" and believe its approach to Turkey is "insincere". Despite all this we will continue being sincere with the EU for a little more time.

US to sell patriot air defense system to Romania

US State Department has announced to sell Patriot Air Defense System and related support and equipment to Romania. Romania is a NATO partner with important geo-strategic access to the Black Sea, where Russia-seized Crimea is located. Meanwhile, the United States has postponed for three months a decision on whether to permanently lift certain sanctions on Sudan over its human rights record and other issues. Former President Barack Obama had lifted the sanctions for six months in January last and a decision by his successor, Donald Trump, on whether to scrap them permanently was expected on Wednesday.

Editorial: The Guardian view on Trump and Russia: for father and son, it gets worse

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