22nd death anniversary of poet and lyrist Saifuddin Saif was celebrated on Wednesday.

He was born on 20th of March 1922 in Amritsar. 

He wrote very powerful poems during his college days.

Later, he shifted to Lahore, the first film Saifuddin Saif did after partition was 'Hichkoley' in 1949.

'Amanat' and 'Naveli' were his earliest films, but his career truly flourished in 1953 when his songs in films 'Ghulam' and 'Mehbooba' became hits.

His poetries covered all forms of literature such as Ruba'ii, Ghazal, long and short poems but among all these, ghazals were his favorite.

His collection of poems is titled as Kham-e-kakul, which is full of brilliant ghazals and poems.

Saifuddin Saif died at the age 72 in 1993 in Lahore.

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