Formulating strategies against marine terrorism- Multinational Naval Exercise AMAN 2017 continuing in the Arabian Sea on the third day.

Navies of thirty-seven countries are participating in the exercise.Nine of them, China, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, UK, US and Russia, are taking part in the drills with their naval assets.Special Operations Forces of Pakistan Navy and participating countries are busy in presenting impressive Maritime Counter Terrorism exercises.The exercises s a fine display of strength and specialized skills to counter acts of maritime terrorism, refine special operating procedures, exchange of professional expertise and to enhance inter operability with participating Special Operations Forces teams.Meanwhile, An impressive demonstration of counter terrorism skills along with a performance of military bands was the highlight of Pakistan Navy’s multinational exercise Aman-2017 at Manora on Saturday.The Special Operations Forces of Pakistan Navy and the participating countries presented an excellent display of strength and skill to overcome the enemy, which included tracking of terrorists’ cells and leaders, disrupting insurgent campaigns and building relationships with international partners to ensure peace and stability.The demonstrations using versatile platforms included fast manoeuvres by hovercraft, visit, board, search and seizure boats and water scooters, insertion of air assault teams through helicopters, para-jumps by special services groups of navies/commandos, frogman attacks and coordinated beach assault and reinforcement followed by extraction.

Host:Malik Saeed Akhtar

Co Host: Rao Khalil/Hamid Habib

India test-fires interceptor missile off Odisha coast- increase in India’s Arms race a big threat for the regional peace and stability

India test-fired its interceptor missile off the Odisha coast on Saturday.The interceptor was launched from Abdul Kalam Island (Wheeler Island) of ITR at about 7.45 AM. Defense Research Development Organisation (DRDO) official said this mission, termed as “PDV mission is for engaging the targets in the exo-atmosphere region at an altitude above 50 km of earth’s atmosphere.”The target was developed for mimicking a hostile Ballistic Missile approaching from more than 2000 km away was launched from a ship anchored in the Bay of Bengal.

India needs to cool its missile fever

On January 2nd 2017 India tested its long-range ballistic missile, Agni-IV, which can travel 4,000 kilometers and carry a nuclear warhead, in the wake of an earlier successful test-firing of Agni-V that has a range of more than 5,000 kilometers.

Live Analyst on call

Dr.M.Khan (analyst)

Pak Navel exercises are continuing with thirty six countries participating .These exercises are very important particularly in the context of human trafficking. This has also highlighted the significance of Pakistan and reflects Pakistan’s stance as a peace loving country. Pakistan wants complete extirpation of terrorism and wants understanding with the naval forces of other countries so to tackle with any issue that may arise in future. These exercises have also cracked Indian designs of strategically isolating Pakistan.

Retd. Commodore (Navy) Dr. Azhar Ahmed

These exercises are very important especially for CPEC as if such measures are not taken the significance of CPEC will be at stake. It has sent message across the world that Pakistan is a strategically important country with vigilant armed forces.

Dr. Huma Bakai (IR expert)

Indian latest Missile test has raised serious concerns across the regions and international community should take the notice of it as it is threatening to peace and stability of the region. Pakistan’s Navel technology is stronger and advanced than Indian. International community should also keep an eye on India’s aggressive propaganda as it is the largest arms purchaser country in the world.

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