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Govt released Rs257b for development projects under PSDP: PTI Spokesperson
November 12, 2019

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The government has released two hundred and fifty seven billion rupees for development projects under the PSDP.

In a statement on Tuesday, PTI Spokesperson Ahmad Jawad said additional thirty billion rupees have been earmarked by the government for Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

He said the Punjab Chief Minister has given approval for the establishment of Thal University in Bhakkar.

The spokesperson said the foreign exchange reserves of State Bank of Pakistan has increased by 443 million dollars.

PTI spokesperson said the government has decided to earmark additional two hundred and fifty billion rupees to address the issue of circular debt. This, he said, will prove to be helpful in addressing the issue of inflation.

The spokesperson said there are bright prospects of the economy growing more than the estimated three point three percent during the current fiscal year.

He said it is the first time in the last fifteen years that Bangladesh will import onion from Pakistan.

The spokesperson said pharmaceutical exports rose by 12.3 percent during the first quarter of current fiscal year.

He said the government has also announced a package of two hundred billion rupees for promotion of exports.