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Pak-China friendship enemies trying to propagate misunderstandings between two countries: Analysts
September 12, 2018

Dr. Noor Fatima (IR Expert)

There is misreporting and speculations regarding CPEC issue which can affect the progress of the project. Pakistan is moving towards geostrategic to geo economic phase and development that is against the Indian hegemonic designs. There is complete consensus between Pakistan and China on expanding socio economic development, infrastructural development and complete the multibillion project on priority basis. The government of Pakistan and all the institutions are on one page regarding the in time completion of CPEC. The incumbent government of Pakistan understands that CPEC is a game changer project for the entire region. There are some elements who do not want to see Pakistan growing and becoming economically strong. The international media should be very careful before reporting anything about billions dollars mega project.

Dr. Gulfaraz Ahmed (IR Expert)

We should not forget that western media is dominated by the United States and it does not want to see deepening economic ties between China and Pakistan. The USA is envious of China's increasing influence in international market. We can expect it from the international media that it will create confusion between Pakistan and China regarding CPEC. The representatives of newly formed government should be very careful while giving any statement in international media as their words can be twisted as per the media's interests. The economic future of Pakistan is very bright and Gwadar is going to be a significant trading hub of the future. The Prime Minister Imran Khan has clarified that in time completion of CPEC is the priority of the government.

Dr. Khalid Rehman (Economist)

The economic and strategic ties between Pakistan and China have significant importance on regional and international politics. CPEC is a mega project of regional connectivity and its in-time completion is in the best interest of the entire region. The enemies are envious of Pak-China friendship and attempting to propagate misunderstandings between china and Pakistan. CPEC is in the manifesto of PTI and incumbent government of Pakistan is committed to complete the project on priority basis. CPEC is based on mutual interest of two countries and has great significance for economic development of Pakistan. There is complete mutual trust regarding CPEC between China and Pakistan.

Hassan Daud (Director CPEC):

There is complete consensus, trust and understanding between China and Pakistan regarding in time completion of CPEC.The mega project has significant impact on socio economic situation of Pakistan. The incumbent government of Pakistan is not only committed to complete the existing projects but also to expand the scope of the project. CPEC is a game changing project for Pakistan and this is against the interests and agendas of the enemies of Pakistan. The best response to speculations regarding CPEC is to work hard to complete the project in time. The work of CPEC projects is in progress with rapid pace and people should ignore negative propaganda of enemies.

Major Gen. (Retd) Zahid Shah (Expert on CPEC): 

CPEC is a mega project of strategic cooperation between Pakistan and China which is beneficial not only for both countries but the entire region. Energy, economic and infrastructure development projects are included in CPEC and there is capacity to expand the project. The successful completion of CPEC is conditioned with the security situation in the country. Pakistan Army is committed and capable of providing security to the billion dollars mega project. We are moving in the right direction and any speculation cannot mislead us. CPEC is the priority of the government and bright future of Pakistan is linked with the mega project. The economic development of Pakistan and international market supremacy of China is against the interests of India and the United States.



Indian claims regarding surgical strikes are ridiculous and rubbish

Lt Gen (Retd) Ghulam Mustafa (Defense Analyst):

Indian claims regarding surgical strikes are ridiculous and rubbish. We can expect such claims form an unprofessional army. There are chemicals available to keep off the dogs and there is no need to use urine and faeces for this purpose. The Indian army makes fun of itself by giving such statements. India does not have guts to conduct such strikes. Pakistan is committed to stand shoulder by shoulder with their Kashmiri brothers against Indian brutalities and atrocities in occupied Kashmir. India has hegemonic designs to destabilize Pakistan. We have to be economically strong to counter external and internal challenges.