Thursday, 22 August 2019, 02:34:52 pm
Terrorist attacks can’t deter nation’s firm resolve to eradicate terrorism: Analysts
April 12, 2019

Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal (IR Expert): 

The security situation in the country has significantly improved due to sacrifices rendered by our armed forces. Operations against terrorist are in full swing to eliminate this menace. We have to adopt a pro-active approach in intelligence sharing. Indian leadership has openly threatened Pakistan to wage undeclared war that is matter of serious concern. Pakistan believes in peaceful co-existence and terrorism has no religion.

Dr. A.Z. Hilali (IR Expert): 

The Quetta incident is very tragic and highly condemnable. The target was not a single community. Our security forces are active and managed to eliminate the menace of terrorism to a great extent. It is the time that we need to review the implementation of National Action Plan. Any gaps left uncovered should be filled immediately. When the incident occurred, the routine life goes on within 15 minutes of the incident. Markets were opened again that indicates the nation’s resilience against terrorism. Nation must be united against those powers who want to destabilize our country.

Dr. Huma Baqai (IR Expert): 

Pakistan has always expressed restraint over such incidents. If such was incident occurred in India, the Indian government would have been blaming Pakistan without any evidence. Such coward acts are part of efforts to destabilize Pakistan. Balochistan is frontline province of China Pakistan Economic Corridor project. The terror attack has endorsed the statement of Pakistan’s Foreign Minister that India could do some sort of misadventure before the Indian elections.  

Dr. Farooq Hasnat (IR Expert): 

Such incidents leave several questions regarding the abettors of terrorism in the region. The neighboring country is adopting aggressive attitude towards Pakistan. Our intelligence agencies and administration must adopt pro-active approach to cope with such incidents. Our law enforcement agencies have almost eliminated the menace of terrorism will utmost devotion. These rare terror incidents can also be countered by taking certain measures. India’s role in promoting terrorism in Pakistan is more a secret.

Dr. Shahid Hassan Siddiqui (Economist): 

It is now clear that the government is near to finalize an IMF bailout package. The Asian Development Bank would also restore policy lending to Pakistan on the finalization of a bailout package from the International Monetary Fund. The government should focus on increasing tax collection as per its manifesto. The PTI government also mentioned in its manifesto to implement justice based policy. The economy should be documented. The bailout package that Pakistan will get from the IMF will help it avoid defaulting on foreign payments. But these dollars come with conditions that will lead to higher inflation and more unemployment because the country is heading towards an economic slowdown. It will help to resolve balance of payments issues as well. ADP has appreciated the reform process in Pakistan and assured continued support of the bank.