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Pakistan endorses initiatives taken for regional peace: Analysts
January 12, 2020

Mushtaq Ahmed Mehar (Former Ambassador)

The region is facing turmoil due to recent standoff between Iran and the United States. Pakistan has always endorsed initiatives taken for regional peace. Pakistan is pursuing very effective role to defuse tension and sustain durable peace in the region. Islamabad is playing an active role to reduce tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The US decision to assassinate Iranian general was aggressive and unwise move. Tehran and Riyadh are important capitals for Pakistan however; we are not under any influence or pressure. Islamabad has clear stance that we want peace in the region and would not become part of any conflict. Pakistan is taking corrective measures to ensure de-escalation in the region. We have witnessed the catastrophic consequences of wars in the past and cannot afford any further escalation. Reconciliation and negotiation are the ultimate solution to every dispute. It is appreciable that Incumbent government is sincere in resolving regional issues.   

Dr. A Z Hilali (Defense Analyst)

Indian political leadership is faced with severe internal crises due to its Hindu fundamental policies. Modi has tarnished the secular and democratic image of India. It is highly regrettable that Indian political and military leadership has not learnt anything from its mistakes and continue behaving irresponsibly. India is habitual of making Pakistan a scapegoat to hide its own security failures. The international community must realize that India’s hegemonic agenda is posing serious threat to global peace. It is high time for Modi regime to focus on India’s internal issues rather than showing jingoistic attitude to Pakistan.

Lt Gen Retd Asif Yaseen Malik (Defense Analyst)

Pakistan needs to pursue very neutral diplomacy to bring about positive outcomes. Incumbent government has taken great steps to defuse escalation in region. Regional instability is not in the interest of Pakistan. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi would present Pakistan’s stance in his visits. It is appreciable that Pakistan is playing a very positive role as a mediator between Iran and the United States and bridging the gaps between Saudi Arabia and Iran.  

Khalid Khatak (Former Ambassador)

The major stakeholders of recent standoff should realize that the region cannot afford any conflict in this era of economic development. The regional powers including Russia and China are also playing their positive role to defuse tensions between Tehran and Riyadh. The Muslim countries are not united against external enemies. Reconciliation between The US, Saudi Arabia and Iran is not an easy task however; Pakistan is always ready to facilitate every initiative taken for regional peace.

Lt Gen Retd Naeem Khalid Lodhi (Defense Analyst)

The people of Kashmir are under continuous siege for last five months. The United States’ defense and strategic agreements indicates the US tilt towards India. The Trump administration has failed to pressurize India to stop atrocities in the held valley because of its economic and strategic interests. It is welcoming development that the US has shown concerns over the worsening situation in Indian occupied Kashmir but we should not expect a lot from the US administration.

Dr. Muhammad Khan (Defense Analyst)

Pakistan is committed to play positive role to avoid any military escalation in the region. The United States’ aggressive attitude towards Iran is posing serious threat to global peace. Pakistan is pursuing a very effective diplomacy to reduce tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Islamabad is playing proactive role for durable peace in the region. Incumbent government is taking concrete measures for the unity of Muslim world. The differences between Iran and Saudi Arabia are the root cause of external exploitation. It is high time for the Muslim countries to get united and forget internal differences. Iran and Saudi Arabia should cooperate with Pakistan to strength the Muslim world. 

Dr. Abdul Wajid (IR Expert)

It is a welcoming development that the United States has shown its concerns over worst human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir but Trump administration has failed to take any practical step to resolve Kashmir issue. BJP led government has converted the whole valley into the largest prison of the world. The Kashmiri people do not have access to food, education, communication and medical assistance. The United States is a super power and it should use its influence to resolve Kashmir dispute in accordance with the United Nations resolutions. It is high time for the international community to support people of Kashmir in their legit right of self-determination. Modi is pursuing RSS ideology to suppress the rights of minorities living in India. BJP's hegemonic designs are posing serious threat to global peace.     

 Dr. Zahid Anwar Khan (IR Expert)

It is responsibility of the world powers and champions of human rights to intervene and resolve Kashmir issue in accordance with the will of Kashmiris. It is diplomatic victory of Pakistan that world powers have started taking notice of Indian atrocities in Indian occupied Kashmir. The whole Pakistani nation, the government and institutions are on same page regarding Kashmir issue. Pakistan is committed to stand with their Kashmiri brethren in their just struggle of self-determination. Modi has exceeded all its limits of brutalities to change demography of Kashmir. The world should realize that Kashmir is a nuclear flash point between two nuclear states. India is ruled by a Hindu fundamental political party and any irresponsible move from Indian side can bring catastrophic consequences. India’s war mongering attitude towards Pakistan is posing serious threat to regional peace. Modi has polarized the Indian nation.