Pakistan Army has much improved security situation on the internal front and the challenges to the state's writ have been defeated. Security and economy are interlinked with each other and we have to continuously ensure a viable balance between economy and security. We need a comprehensive effort to pursue National Action Plan and remove vulnerabilities well before they turn into threats. Many of the planned measures will contribute directly to the economic and even political stability of the country. Police and judicial reforms are obvious examples and Madrassah must enable their students to become useful members of the society who are not left behind in any field of life. We are making a deliberate and concerted effort to pacify the western border through a multitude of diplomatic, military and economic initiative. Pakistan has also expressed and demonstrated its genuine desire to have normal and peaceful relations with India· Due to dedication and sustained hard work of Army and other LEAs the improvements in security environment have started to pay off. Karachi is the economic capital of Pakistan and generates a significant part of our revenue. When our enemies want to choke Pakistan, they try to destabilize Karachi because when Karachi bleeds, Pakistan bleeds. Peace in Karachi has been our top priority and we have worked very hard to restore peace and now hope that economic activity would return at a fast pace. Pakistan is a strategically challenged state and external actors are attempting to assert control and dictate our security priorities that have strong linkages with our economic future.

Dr. Talat Wizarat (IR Expert) 

Although, the security forces have restored the peace in the country, but the main challenge will be to retain it. Certain elements have been trying to destabilize peace in Karachi as it is our economic hub. The intelligence agencies must continue targeted operation against such elements. There should zero tolerance for extortion and kidnapping in Karachi. The local investors should bring back their investment to the country and invest here as Pakistan is now a peaceful country. The government should facilitate the investors by providing them cheap and uninterruptable electricity and friendly atmosphere.

Rana Athar Javed (Defense Analyst)

Business community is Karachi contributes to around sixty percent of total country’s revenue and a peaceful environment was required to play role in economic development.  The law enforcement agencies of the countries have managed to restore peace to a greater extent through effective implementation of National Action Plan throughout the country.  The businessmen investing out of the country should take their investment back to the country and the government needs to provide the relief the local investor.

Bhawan Das (Leader, PML-N)

The top priority of the government is to ensure the national security in the country. The credit of improved peace situation in the country goes to our civil and military leadership. All the stakeholders are on same page and want elimination of terrorism at all costs. The economic indicators are now showing positive trend. Foreign investors are heavily investing in development projects initiate in the country under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project.

Brig, retried, Tipu Sultan (Defense Analyst)

It is a good development that civil and military leadership are on the same page regarding national interest.  None of the countries could fight against terrorism in the way that Pakistan has fought. India and United States are making efforts to sabotage CPEC as both the countries are aware that this project is going to bring an economic revolution in Pakistan.  Chinese and Pakistani leadership are committed to complete this game changer project at all costs. Many European countries are willing to be the part of this project as well that means that Trump’s policies are not even being acceptable to other countries as well.

Host: Dr. Sajjad Bukhari

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