Foreign Office Spokesman Nafees Zakria in an interview said there were reports that India is involved in terror financing and supporting the elements holding hideouts in Afghanistan to sabotage peace in Pakistan. He said that India had failed to isolate Pakistan in the comity of nations and Islamabad policies is focused on peaceful relations with neighboring countries.Spokesman said that Pakistan had apprised the world about the Indian terrorist activities in this country.The spokesperson urged the Afghan Government to take action against the elements who want to destabilize Pakistan.

Pakistan has summoned the Indian Deputy High Commissioner to Foreign Office and expressed its concerns over the acquittal of Swami Aseemanand in Ajmer Sharif blast case.In a statement, Foreign Office said Swami Aseemanand had publicly confessed that he was the 'mastermind' of Samjhauta Express terrorist attack. It is said the Government of Pakistan expects India to take steps to bring to justice all those involved in the heinous act of Samjhauta Express terrorist attack. 

Host : Saeed Akhtar

Co-Host : Hamid Habib

Analysts on Telephone:

Dr.Talat Wazarat (Expert on World Affairs ):

Although we are working very hard but there are lots of things yet to be done about Kashmir. We should engage major powers through diplomatic means and convince them over Kashmir issue. We should convince USA and UK about Kashmir cause as they have good relations with India.

Topic 2: Pakistan being ranked among fast growing nations

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar says future of the country is re-shaping, as revolutionary measures had been taken by the government to bring economic development. In an interview, he said when Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz government came into power in 2013, the country's economy was almost declared bankrupt but with the efforts of the government, economic situation was entirely different today.He said international community is now acknowledging economic growth in the country and Pakistan was being ranked among fast growing nations.

London based magazine the Economist stated in an article that Pakistan seems to be returning to a more stable and prosperous state.The article said the broadly indicative is that Pakistan’s stock market has risen faster than any other in Asia over the past twelve months, by a heady 50%.It is said poverty has fallen and the urban middle class is growing.It said big investments in power infrastructure mean that power cuts are now down to a more manageable 6-8 hours a day. The government hopes to eliminate them entirely in time for national elections next year.

Indian newspaper Economic Times in its article also said Pakistan is on the radar of investors hunting for an economy poised for long-term growth.

Analysts on Telephone:

Raja Muhammad Javid Ikhlas (Leader PML-N):

Our GDP has reached to 5.2 as compare to 3.2 in 2013. Our stock exchange is showing positive indicators as well. Economic experts throughout the world are acknowledging our efforts to improve economy. In near future GDP will reach up to 6.2%. Our civil and military establishment is determined to eradicate menace of terrorism once and for all. Peace in the country is essential for economic growth. We need continuity in our policies for sustainable development.

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