Government is focused to foil all conspiracies against the country- Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has urged religious scholars to present a counter narrative against extremist mindset to realize the dream of peace and harmony in the country

Addressing a seminar at Jamia Naeemia in Lahore on Saturday he said this narrative should be taught to youth at educational institutions. The Prime Minister said his government initiated strong and indiscriminate action against terrorists across the country after coming in power and backbone of terrorists has now been broken. He said the government will foil all conspiracies against the country and forge unity in the society. He resolved that the PML-N government , with the support of Ulema will discard elements of hatred and disunity.

Analyst live on Phone:

Dr. Dost Muhammad (Religious Scholar):

It is a proper time that Prime Minister of Pakistan has called religious scholars to build a counter-narrative. We should coordinate with Muslim world to establish this narrative . Prime Minister’s statement should be taken seriously especially in educational institutions. Islamic scholars teaching in Madrassas should teach moderate teachings of Islam. Even Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s message of unity, faith and discipline was driven from Islamic teachings. Actions speak louder than words and we should fight Islamophobia of west through acting upon religious teachings. We should propagate Islamic message of peace , harmony , mercy and coexistence. 

The national population census is to begin with a house listing operation- All arrangements completed for nation-wide census drive- Special attention will be given to internally displaced persons

All arrangements have been completed for the month long census drive across the country , beginning from Wednesday. According to official sources, the national population census is to begin with a house listing operation. About two hundred thousand personnel of Pakistan Army and ninety one civilian enumerators will participate in the drive.

TDPS return to be completed by 18th of April- Each returning family will be provided Rs25000, ration for six months, a tent and utensils

The return of Temporarily Displaced Persons of South Waziristan Agency resume on Tuesday and will be completed by 18th of next month. Sources of FATA Secretariat told our Peshawar correspondent that about twenty five thousand families will go back to their native areas during this period.

Analyst live on Phone: 

Jan Achakzai (Leader, PML-N):

TDPs have sacrificed their lives and homes for the state of Pakistan. Our forces were fighting against terrorism in North Waziristan. The government is mindful of the fact that people there have suffered a lot. The Prime Minister wants to see TDPs returning their homes as early as it is possible. Federal government is aiming at rehabilitating FATA region. In next 10 years, government will focus on economic and social needs of FATA residents. In order to mainstream FATA, we need to work on neglected sectors of the region in terms of development and education.

Host: Daniyal Chughtai

Co-Host: Yusra Mushtaq & Maha Khan Jadoon

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