Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said Pakistan attaches great importance to its ties with the Russian Federation and is keen to enhance these relations.

Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s program, analyst Dr. A.Z. Hilali said: “China and Russia have realized that without Pakistan, SCO can’t accomplish its objectives in the region. There can be no business in the region without Pakistan. Pakistan’s legitimate position in the region has been widely accepted. PM Nawaz Sharif has also made it clear that volatile regional geo-strategic environment cannot be pacified without Pakistan. Pakistan is fighting war against terrorism for the sake of whole world. Expansion and strengthening of foreign relations is a touchstone of Pakistan’s foreign policy. Hence, Pakistan has achieved its objective vis-à-vis SCO. President Putin’s statement that Pakistan is a bridge between SCO, Russia and South Asia is encouraging. Pakistan can play its part to further integrate the region. Peace between Pakistan and India can further fortify the functioning of this regional organization. However, onus of resolving all outstanding issues, including Kashmir and water disputes, primarily lies with India. India has to come on table for greater stability of the region. The world has changed its face from geo-politics to geo-economics and we must benefit out of it.”

Analyst Dr. Manzoor Khan Afridi said: “PM Nawaz Sharif’s meeting with his Indian counterpart in Ufa would have positive impact on South Asian region. Both the nations should look forward to resolve all pending issues through dialogue. Although we have no expectations from India after this meeting, yet the meeting between PMs of both countries was good gesture. International community knows that Pakistan is peaceful country and not leaving any stone un-turned to keep sustainable peace within the region. Pakistan is struggling to develop good relations with all the countries of the region. No doubt, Pakistan is emerging as peaceful country on globe. Pakistan has always supported to resolve all the issues through dialogue with India. Our country has been badly affected by terrorism and our sacrifices against this menace must be acknowledged on all levels.”

Analyst Dr. Hussain Shaheed Soherwordi said: “Pakistan has given many sacrifices in war against terrorism. Improved bilateral relation between Russia and Pakistan could be the turning point to bring economic development in the region. Russia has been influenced by the foreign policy of Pakistan. It is the need of time that Pakistan should strengthen its bilateral relations with other countries, including Russia. Pakistan could get the benefit of trade activities with Russia and other European countries.”

Analyst Dr. Amna Mehmood said: “Efforts to improve the Pak-Russia bilateral relations is a positive news. Democratic government is in power in our country and many Russian students come to Pakistan to get education. Russia has supported Pakistan to become the full member of SCO. Pakistan and India need to improve their relation for the sake of peace and prosperity in the region. All the issues, including Kashmir dispute, should be settled through negations between India and Pakistan.”


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