"Fikr O Nazar"

A three-day International maritime Security Conference has begun in Karachi. Addressing the opening session of Conference, President Azad Kashmir Masood Khan said the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has furthered the need for augmenting the maritime security. All naval forces across the world have a pivotal role in maritime security.

Host:      Hafiz Abdul Majid

Co-Host: Dr. Khuram Iqbal

Analyst on Phone:

Dr. Zahid Anwar Khan (IR Expert):

India was pursuing nuclear and missile development programs which can lead to nuclearization of the Indian Ocean and can disturb the balance of power in the region. We have to protect the Indian Ocean from nuclear activities and it should be utilized for trade and other positive purposes. Pakistan is so for successful in its foreign policies as 36 participants in ongoing maritime exercise "Aman 2017" is a clear indication that Pakistan is not isolated. Maritime cooperation between China and Pakistan is vital. India should avoid involving itself in arm race and work with other countries for the betterment of the condition of people in the region. The ongoing maritime exercise is vital as it will improve the reputation of Pakistan in the world.

Dr. Farooq Hasnat (IR Expert): 

China will get maximum advantage to functioning of Gawadar port. Pakistan should active its foreign policies and focus on to increase its coalition partners. Doing this, India will never be succeeded in its efforts to isolate Pakistan . The economy of Pakistan is improving day by day that is why many other countries are taking keen interest to improve bilateral and trade relations with Pakistan . Indian Ocean has gained tremendous importance over the years and has now become the most concerted area where global economic activity conjoined political interests. This is why world’s major economic as well as political concentration has shifted towards the Asian and African continents which border Indian Ocean at large.

Brig (Retd) Harris Nawaz (Defense Analyst): 

Maritime security is always vital for regional peace. The government should have to focus on taking measures in improving maritime security in future. Modi’s anti-Pakistan and extremism based policies are beyond a common man’s understandings. Pakistani forces are always ready and capable to respond any Indian aggression anytime. India wants to disturb balance of power in the region as it has the support of United States. Gawadar port will be vital for trade activities for all the countries of the region. As the third-largest body of water in the world, and containing vital sea lanes that help feed some of Asia’s largest economies, the importance of the Indian Ocean has long been clear.

Government Launches Several Energy Projects to Overcome Energy Crisis

The government has launched several energy projects to get rid of load shedding within the next two years. In an interview, Secretary Water & Power Mohammad Younus Dagha has said Chashma IV, Bhikki, Bahadur Shah, Sahiwal Coal, Tarbella IV, Neelum-Jhelum and other projects would help to meet the energy crisis of the country. Many projects were being completed with local fund resources and Thar-Coal project would be completed with the financial resource of China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Analyst live on Phone:

Isphanyar Bhindara (Leader, PML-N):

The incumbent government has initiated a number of power projects under CPEC and determined to overcome energy crises and elimination of load-shedding till 2018. It will be a big achievement of the government. Electricity is being produced in the country through different resources. We are hopeful that we will have sufficient electricity in National Grid Station. The government is also paying attention on Chashma-III and IV projects. Many projects for production of electricity through coal are also underway. Most of the investment in CPEC is being utilized on power projects. China Pakistan Economic Corridor project will bring an economic revolution in the country. Unemployment will be reduced as people will get certain job opportunities. Terrorism will also be eliminated when people will have employment.

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