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Analysts term federal budget balanced, people-friendly
June 11, 2019

Hammad Azhar (Minister of State for Revenue):

The budget presented today is based on prudent economic policies pursued by the PTI-led government. The government has eliminated the duties on raw material and other items, which is positive development. We have also brought certain sectors into tax network that were not in the tax system before. Standard Sales Tax has been imposed on different sectors. We have tried to impose tax on rich people and also increased wages for low-income people. The government has also allocated funds of 152 billion rupees for FATA development. A fixed tax of Rs.10,000 has been imposed on tube-wells in Balochistan. In short, we have tried to focus on areas that were ignored by the previous governments. The government has also allocated 43 billion rupees and nine packages for Karachi. The federal government will also finance certain development projects underway in Karachi.

Dr. Khaqan Hassan (Spokesman, Ministry of Finance):

We have presented a balanced budget mainly focused on promoting social network. The subsidy is also given on electricity. The federal budget is people and industry-friendly. It is good development that the defense budget has not increased and there will be no increment in salaries of federal ministers as well. It was a balanced budget and will have positive impact in future.

Kanwal Shauzab (Leader PTI):

The opposition has tried its level best to create hurdles in smooth broadcasting of budget speech. Despite of all the challenges and fiscal space available, the government has presented best possible budget aimed at to facilitate the poor community. Direct taxes have been encouraged and indirect taxes are discouraged. Imports are curtailed and efforts have been made to improve exports. It is also proposed to improve tax network and target for tax collection has been set to 35%. PTI has set an example of charity begins at home. The government has not increased the salaries of federal ministers. Our forces have voluntarily reduced their budget as they have confidence on the PTI leadership. We have also reduced non-development funds up to 50 billion rupees.

Nusrat Wahid (Leader, PTI):

The budget was presented in difficult times and it was possible because of Imran Khan’ policy that we were not included in black list from Grey list otherwise we were facing the situation like Venezuela. We are hopeful that the things will be better till December. The dollar will be de-valued and rupee value will be stable. The inflation will also be reduced. The taxes are imposed on the items mainly used by elite class. The defense budget has been retained to 1150 billion that is good initiative. The budget will have good impact on lives of the people.

Alamgir Khan (Leader, PTI):

The incumbent government has tried its level best not to impose burden on low-income community and provided relief to the common masses. The opposition parties are misusing the floor of the Parliament just to save the leaders, who have plundered national wealth. The opposition is trying to escape from accountability.

Munawara Baloch (Leader, PTI):

I am an elected member from Balochistan. The budget presented by the PTI government is definitely a people friendly budget. The credit of this balanced budget goes to the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan and his efficient economic team. Prime Minister, as per his commitment, mainly focused on development in Balochistan and allocated sufficient in this regard. It will be helpful in eliminating the sense of deprivation of Baloch people.

Shaheen Naz Saifullah (Leader, PTI):

It is a historic day for the country and the incumbent government. We must have to appreciate the government for presenting such a balanced budget despite of the economic challenges. Special funds have been allocated for the FATA areas as it is the most deserving area.

Sajida Begum (Leader, PTI):

The previous budgets were always confusing and beyond understandings of a common man. The budget presented by the present will lead the country towards prosperity. In recent times, Pakistan has been facing worse economic challenges. The agenda of PTI government is economic stability and provision of relief to common masses. The next year will be much better than today. The budget presented will not be limited to documents but the PTI government is capable to deliver it according to its agenda.

Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar (Senator, Balochistan Awami Party):

There is no doubt that it is a better budget in tough time. The government presented a balanced budget. It is suggested to bring more people and different sectors into tax network and this act was vital for the stable economy of the country. The most important suggestion in this budget is dual carriage way between Chamman and Karachi. We are hopeful that the budget will cast positive impact on country's economy and specifically will motivate Baloch people to come into national streamline.