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Analysts urge intl’ community to take notice of catastrophic consequences of Modi’s extremist ideology
January 11, 2020

Ali Muhammad Khan (Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs):

Pakistan has great strategic significance in the regional affairs. Islamabad has a very clear stance that we would not become party of any conflict; however Pakistan is always ready to play its positive role to promote peace in the region. Pakistan would not allow using its soil against any country. Pakistan has always played an effective role to deescalate tensions and sustain peace in the world. The incumbent government is pursuing a very balanced foreign policy. We have already rendered matchless sacrifices for peace and we cannot afford to become part of any conflict.

Dr. Khurram Iqbal (IR Expert):

Modi's anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan sentiments are based on Hindutva ideology. It is high time for Pakistan to sensitize the world community regarding catastrophic consequences of this extremist ideology. Exhibition of fundamental policies by Modi regime are promoting hatred and posing serious threats to the global peace. Indian political leadership is playing with fire by imposing its hegemonic agenda. Unfortunately, international community has observed criminal silence on Modi's extreme policies. BJP is the political wing of terrorist organization RSS and its anti-minorities’ policies indicate that Modi is heading India towards a Hindu dominant state. Minorities in Modi's India are marginalized and forced to live as second class citizens. There are sane voices within India including intelligentsia, civil society and opposition who are taking jibe at BJP's fascist and unconstitutional policies.

Tasneem Aslam (Former Career Diplomat):

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has rightly mentioned that the region cannot afford any war as we already have paid huge price for such jingoistic attitude. The region is already in crises due to Kashmir and Afghan issues and any further escalation would bring disastrous consequences. Pakistan believes in peaceful coexistence. Islamabad has always endorsed every initiative taken to resolve regional issues through negotiation. The US administration is not playing a positive role to escalate tension between Iran and the United States. The Trump administration is biased towards Iran and completely ignores Israel's hegemonic agenda. No country can do much until and unless the major stakeholders take some corrective measures to resolve outstanding issues. 

Maj Gen (Retd) Ejaz Awan (Defense Analyst):

Prime Minister Imran Khan has rightly mentioned that RSS ideology has taken over the Modi's India. The minorities are not safe under Modi regime. India has become a declining state due to BJP's Hindu fundamental moves. BJP led government is in hot waters due to its fascist policies which are based on hatred and extremism. A large number of minorities in India including Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and Dalits are victims of BJP's racist agenda. The nationwide protests in India indicate that the Indian people have strongly rejected the Modi's discriminatory laws against minorities.

AVM (Retd) Ikram Ullah Bhatti (Defense Analyst):

Modi is following the footsteps of Hitler by pursuing the Hindu fundamentalist approach by suppressing the rest. Brahamn supremacy is the core agenda of RSS which neglects the lower class of Hindus as well. BJP's hegemonic agenda is causing serious threat to regional peace and supremacy of Indian constitution. The international media has badly exposed Modi's fascist policies. The sane voices within India have also criticized BJP's leadership for its constitutional and extreme moves.

Dr. A Z Hilali (Defense Analyst):

It is appreciable that Iran and the United States has shown its willingness to resolve outstanding issues peacefully to maintain global peace. Iran has rightfully responded to the US jingoistic move of killing Qasim Suleimani. Iran is a sovereign state and the United States should avoid using cheap provocative tactics to escalate tension in the region. Trump is an unpredictable president and the world cannot afford any disastrous move to demonstrate unnecessary power .It is need of the hour to move forward towards peace and avoid any catastrophic step.

Dr. Shahid Hassan Siddique (Economist):

The Post Iran-US standoff regional situation suggests that chances of war are fortunately, over now. However, escalation still prevails between both the countries. Iran is a nation of brave people and retaliated to the US aggressive move. Any escalation can bring serious consequences for the region. Pakistan is playing a positive role to defuse tension between Iran and the United States. Pakistan is pursuing effective diplomacy to maintain peace in the region. The United Nations and western world are safeguarding only western agenda. The international institutions are following the policy of Might is Right. China is a strong economy and success of CPEC is in the best interest of Pakistan and China. Incumbent government understands that it is high time to depend on indigenous resources.