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Analysts say RAW, NDS involved in terror activities in Pakistan
January 11, 2019

Dr. Huma Baqai (IR Expert):


Pakistan has strong evidence of Indian involvement in Pakistan, and in recent incident of terror attack on Chinese consulate in Karachi Indian spy agency RAW and Afghan NDS agencies were involved. The attack on Chinese consulate in not only attack on Pakistan but it is also an attack on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project and also on Pakistan’s sincere efforts to bring peace and stability in Afghanistan. The Afghan government, being under the influence of India, always blames Pakistan to be involved in terrorism. The confessional statement made by Indian Intelligence Agency RAW’s officer Kulbhushan Yadav had made it clear that India is in fact spreading terrorism. Pakistan should present the evidences of Indian involvement in attempts to destabilize Pakistan to all international forums.

Lt Gen (Retd) Abdul Qayyum Khan (Senator, PML-N):


It is unfortunate that despite acknowledging Pakistan’s efforts for peace, the international community is hesitant to expose Indian policies just for the sake of its own interests. India is also involved in state terrorism in Kashmir and setting worst example of brutalities in Held Kashmir but international community is silent. The arrest of the RAW officer substantiates Pakistan’s stance that India has been interfering in Pakistan and is engaged in nefarious activities to destabilize Pakistan.

Brig (Retd) Said Nazir (Defense Analyst):


The need of the time is to break the nexus between terrorist groups operating under the supervision of NDS and RAW as they are being covertly supported to come and hit the soft targets in Pakistan. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself admitted that India is involved in internal affairs of Pakistan and instability in Baluchistan by supporting and providing financial assistance to terrorist groups. The attack on Chinese Consulate in Karachi was planned in Afghanistan and carried out with the help of Indian agency RAW & Afghan agency NDS. There is ample and undeniable evidence that India is involved in sabotage activities and financing terrorism in Pakistan. There are also statements of top Indian leaders about using terrorism against Pakistan.

 Maj Gen (Retd) Ijaz Awan (Defense Analyst):


Pakistan has evidence of Indian involvement in efforts to destabilize Pakistan in terms of apprehension of Indian agent Kulbhushan Yadhav who confessed that Indian had been involved in terror activities in Pakistan. Another culprit who was the mastermind of Chinese consulate attack in Karachi was also residing in Afghanistan and worked on the instructions of RAW. Former Indian Army Chief General Vijay Kumar Singh has admitted that India sponsored bomb blasts in Pakistan and doled out money to the separatist elements in Balochistan. Pakistan should compile comprehensively all the evidences of Indian involvement in Pakistan to present them at all international forums including the United Nations. There were safe havens of terrorist groups across the border in Afghanistan that carried out attacks in Pakistan. A border management system to control such attacks has also been set up on a priority basis.

Brig (Retd.) Tipu Sultan (Defense Analyst):


There is no doubt that India has been carrying out terrorism in Pakistan and destabilizing the country. Pakistan should take this matter very seriously and take bold stance regarding Indian nefarious designs to sabotage peace in Pakistan. India is a terrorist state and it has been committing gross human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir. The previous governments in Pakistan adopted the policy of appeasement but hopefully the incumbent government will take concrete steps to prevent India’s malicious activities. Islamabad will not tolerate New Delhi’s involvement in Pakistan. The international community should press India to stop its nefarious activities to sabotage peace in the region.

Mehar Ali (Indus Water Commissioner):


As mentioned in Indus Water Treaty, general inspection visits of the Indian projects on Chenab Basin is a routine exercise carried out by both the countries. We believe that implementation of Indus Water Treaty should remain on course. Pakistan has already recorded it protest on Indian violation of Indus Water Treaty. World Bank assisted both the countries but the role of World Bank as mentioned in the treaty is limited. World Bank can constitute a forum to resolve issue between two countries.