Nawaz Sharif said social, economic and constitutional reforms will be introduced in FATA. Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said that Federally Administered Tribal Areas will be brought at par with other parts of the country . In a statement on Friday, he said that social, economic and constitutional reforms will be introduced while all the discriminatory laws will be abolished from FATA. The Prime Minister said that the people of FATA have sacrificed a lot for the country . Nawaz Sharif lauded the affection and passion of the tribal people for Pakistan. He said that the people of FATA will decide about its future.

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Rana Muhammad Hayat Khan:        (PML-N)

“Fast Track energy Projects; Mega Hydel Projects Would Greatly Help To Overcome Energy Crisis”: PM

The Prime Minister said that government has taken all steps for the construction of Diamer Bhasha Dam. The Federal Cabinet in its meeting in Islamabad under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has approved the Land Acquisition for Diamer-Bhasha Dam and Compensation Rates of Barren Land. Construction of mega Hydel projects would greatly help in fulfilling the energy needs of the country along with mitigating the hazards of floods. He said that government is determined and focused on resolving the energy issues confronted by Pakistan. Our plans include execution of short, medium and long-term projects in this regard. The Prime Minister says transparency must be maintained in the distribution of compensation money to the affected people of Diamer-Bhasha Dam.

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Dr Gulfraz:          (Energy Expert)

Host:         Abid Abbasi

Co-Host:   Dr Sajjad Bukhari

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