Defence Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif has said Federal Government in a meeting today, offered full assistance to the provinces for implementation of National Action Plan.

Speaking with Radio Pakistan’s Current Affairs Channel, he said: “All provinces briefed the committee about the progress, which have been done so far in this regard. The Committee has showed its full confidence on Karachi Operation and also appreciated the improved law and order situation in the commercial hub of the country. The meeting discussed several issues including the performance of military courts and the issuance of the licenses of prohibited boars. The need of assistance to curb terrorism in any province from federal government is also analyzed by the committee. This meeting was attended by all provincial chief ministers including the Chief Minister of Gilgit Baltistan.”

Participating in the program, former Governor, Sindh Lt. General (R) Moeen Haider said: “Today’s meeting chaired by Prime Minister was held to review the National Action Plan and progress made by it. It is positive sign that civil and military administration is continuing with a cohesive strategy. This is the only method to defeat extremist forces. We must identify and throw black sheep out of our society. The results achieved by implementation of NAP are encouraging and we need to continue with the same spirit till the complete eradication of terrorism fiasco”.

Defence analyst Major General (R) Farooq said: “The meeting of National Apex Committee has discussed several issues relating to national security on internal and external fronts. The forum also analyzed the present tension on line of control and working boundary, which increased due to unprovoked firing and shelling of Indian forces. The Chief of Army Staff has briefed the committee that Pakistan Army if fully prepared to counter any type of aggression. In fact, due to successful operation against terrorism a huge number of terrorists now want to lay down their arms and also want to join the main stream, which is a good sign for restoration of peace in Pakistan. A ban on the issuance of arms license is a quite positive step and it will help to eradicate terrorism from the country. Now it is the duty of our Ulema to play their role and discourage the terrorists and their nefarious aims. They should strictly observe the activities of their students to avoid further loss.”

Defence analyst Mehmood Shah said: “The law and order situation of the country has been improving due to the continuous efforts and sacrifices of Pakistan Army in operation against militants in entire country. Now the operation is going into next stage and the facilitator of terrorism will be curbed in this phase. The funding of terrorism should be eliminated to bring sustainable peace in the country. The registration and monitoring of NGOs is also an important step to completely eradicate the terrorism from the country. It is the duty of Interior Ministry to investigate that who issued the licenses on such a massive scale and it should also make a mechanism for issuing new licenses in future.”

Eminent Defence Analyst Dr. Huma Baqai said: “The regulation and reforms of religious seminaries is quite significant for the proper implementation of National Action Plan. Although, General Pervaiz Musharraf had already tried to bring the said parallel education system into main stream during his era but he was failed in his attempt. We cannot blame all religious seminaries for terrorism but a strong monitoring system should be adopted to avoid the use of these seminaries for the abatement of terrorism. On the other end, the registration and monitoring of all Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are equally important for the maintenance of peace in the country. Government should monitor the funding and activities of all NGOs and religious seminaries and should restrain them in their respective areas only.”

Senior analyst Dr. Talat Wazarat said: “Pakistan has suffered from conventional and non-conventional challenges since long. Its geo-strategic location is a double edge weapon. Its location may be a blessing if utilized and maneuvered vigilantly by the state of Pakistan, or, same may be exploited by regional and extra regional actors if Pakistan turns a deaf air to its utility. National Action Plan is a comprehensive strategy which addresses all the challenges and gives mechanism for post tactical operation situations. Irony is that corruption and terrorism are inter-twined and this mechanism must be broken. The public is keen to eradicate the terrorism from our soil. We have to develop consensus among all factions of society against non-state actors”.

Senior analyst Professor Dr. Ghulam Mustafa said: “In fact, National Action Plan had two parallel dimensions; a strong military operation against militants and a complete consensus against terrorism. Our security forces has done a great job and take strict action against the terrorists across the country and break the back of terrorist network but our political parties failed to bring complete consensus and they are still avoiding to left their narrow political interests. It is the need of hour that our political leadership should become united against terrorism for the sake of peace in the country and should give their unconditional support to our security forces. We need to promote democratic norms in the country and also should strengthen our democratic institutions.” 


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