Government will purchase over eighteen thousand three hundred acres land for the construction of Diamer-Bhasha dam project.

An amount of 49 billion will be paid against land compensation to the affectees with in the next six months duration.

Our Gilgit correspondent Sher Muhammad reports that Government has already been purchased over three thousand kanal land from three villages in Chilas and paid compensation to the land owners.

Three model villages are also being set up at Chilas to provide one kanal land to each affected person free of cost.

A 35 kilometers long by -pass road is also being constructed from Chital to Chilas which will be used for transportation of machinery for the dam and also smooth traffic on Karakorum Highway during the construction of dam project.

This mega project after completion not only generate 4500 MW hydro electricity but also usher an era of progress and prosperity in the country.

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