Ustad Ashiq Ali Khan was one of the earlier leading lights of the Patiala Gharana.

Renowned classical vocalist Ustad Ashiq Ali Khan was the son of Ustad Fateh Ali Khanof Patiala Gharana. His father Fateh Ali Khan was part of the famous Alu-Fattu (General Colonel) duo along with his friend Ali Bux Khan (grandfather of the late Amanat Ali Khan and the contemporary Fateh Ali Khan of Patiala).

Ustad Ashiq Ali Khan , during his lifetime was well known across the Subcontinent and remains an influential figure in the realm of Classical Music. A measure of his influence is the illustrious stature attained by some of his direct pupils which include Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Mohammad Hussian Sarahang, Farida Khanum and Zahida Parveen.

Ustad Ashiq Ali Khan was died on 10th March 1948. 


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