The National Assembly on Wednesday passed a resolution expressing deep concerns over the heinous crimes being committed by the religious extremists against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

The resolution moved by Minister for Defence Production Rana Tanveer Hussain strongly condemned the genocide of Rohingya Muslims and called upon the United Nations to intervene to stop human rights violations there.

Appreciating the government of Pakistan for raising the issue with the UN Secretary General, the resolution called upon the government to impress upon the Myanmar government for the protection of human rights of the peaceful community of Rohingya Muslims. The resolution also called upon the OIC to deliberate the issue and take necessary action in the matter.

The resolution commended the courage of Rohingya Muslims who are bravely facing the genocidal campaign against them.

Budget Discussion 

Earlier, the National Assembly continued debate on Budget for the next fiscal year.

In his speech Shaikh Rashid Ahmad urged the government to provide essential commodities to the common man at affordable rates.

He pointed out that a comprehensive programme is needed to improve the conditions of the hospitals. He suggested that Mosques should also be used as educational institutions.

Responding to a point of order in the National Assembly raised by Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Minister for Information and Broadcasting Pervaiz Rashid informed the National Assembly that live feed was made available to all the TV channels for live coverage of the Budget debate.

The Minister said that the facility of live feed is available either direct through satellite with a parameter number or through PTV telecast.

He said the government has fulfilled its promise made with the House for providing live feed to TV channels.

Taking part in discussion, Awais Ahmed Khan Leghari said due to prudent policies of the government, GDP growth has increased, per capita income has gone up from 1380 dollars to 1512 dollars and inflation has come down to four point six percent.

Ghulam Ahmed Bilour urged the government to focus on hydel power generation to overcome electricity shortage in the country. He said there is a great potential in KPK to generate hydel electricity.          

Ch. Ashraf said efforts were made to provide relief to the poor segment of the society in the budget. He said allocations have been enhanced for Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal and BISP for this purpose.  

Sahibzada Tariq Ullah in his speech criticized the government to achieve targets of previous budget. He lauded the government for creating consensus on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. 

Taking part in the debate, Dr. Azra Fazal said the budget is a jugglery of figures and based on framework given by IMF. She said zero point six percent withholding tax on bank transactions for non-filers is unfair because majority of the non-filer are low paid employees.    

Khalil George appreciated the government for presenting a people friendly budget. He said special attention have been paid to education, health, employment generation and poverty alleviation. He said mega projects like motorways and energy projects will cast positive effects on lives of the masses.

Opposition members including leader of the opposition Syed Khursheed Shah pointed out that PTV was not telecasting live speeches of all members.         

The opposition also staged a token walkout over the issue.         

Information Minister Pervez Rashid said as per demand of the opposition he made commitment in the House the day before yesterday that PTV would make live feed available for all channels and this is being done. He said it is upto television channels to pick-up the speeches.         

As for PTV, he said, like other channels it too has other commitments and therefore, it was not possible to telecast live all the speeches for hours at the cost of its revenues.            

The Information Minister however said he was ready to sit with the opposition leader to formulate a practicable strategy for future.

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