"Country's interest should be kept supreme over personal agenda": Dar

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar says appointment of members of the Election Commission will likely be done by 25th of this month. Talking to newsmen in Lahore today, he said government wants to evolve consensus Terms of Reference (ToRs) on Panama Papers. The Minister said facts will be revealed before masses if consensus is not reached. He said we want a law to ensure indiscriminate accountability. Ishaq Dar said allegations of rigging proved as wrong in the Judicial Commission's inquiry. He said outcome of the previous sit-in is before the nation. The Minister said country's interest should be kept supreme over personal agenda. He said Pakistan of 2018 will be brighter and prosperous. 

Over 8000 people have been benefitted under Prime Minister's Youth Business Loans programme

Over eight thousand youth from across the country have so far received loans under Prime Minister's Youth Business Loans programme to set up their own businesses. According to official sources another eight thousand forms are in process, on which the loans will be given within the next three months. About fifty percent loan seekers are women under this scheme. Loans amounting to 7.5 billion rupees have been given by the National Bank and First Women Bank while 300 million rupees by the private banks.


Rana Sanaullah (Law Minister, Punjab): 

“China Pakistan Economic Corridor was being delayed by unconstitutional sit-ins of some political parties. Such elements could not see Pakistan prospering and tried their level best to sabotage this game changing project. Now, once again these elements want to create hurdles in economic development of the country through their protests even the nation has already rejected the politics of sit-ins and protests. Everyone should be accountable. The incumbent government is determined to resolve the issue of appointment of members of the Election Commission within a week.”

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