Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has said that bold decisions of the government have helped turnaround the economy.

Addressing a reception of PML-N workers in Dubai‚ he said Pakistan would soon emerge as economically strong country.

He said the government has cut down public sector expenditure by thirty percent and all discretionary funds of the ministers have been abolished.

He said that these austerity measures have helped to spare funds for development of the country and ensure income support for the poor people.    

Similarly‚ he said a number of measures have been taken to enhance the country's revenue collection.

Ishaq Dar said that the government is trying to improve GDP ratio which was one of the lowest in the region. He said efforts were also being made to expand the tax net.  

The Finance Minister urged the expatriate Pakistanis to send their foreign remittances through banking channels.

He said foreign remittance had increased by 9.5 percent in last seven months and the State Bank has been tasked to work out a system in collaboration with private banks for expeditious delivery of foreign remittances within one or two days.    

He said the government is cognizant of problems confronting the overseas Pakistanis and is determined to address these problems sincerely.

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