Analysts said Pakistan cannot afford politics of anarchy anymore.

Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s Nuqta-e-Nazar program, Federal Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Sheikh Aftab said, “It depends upon Imran Khan how much sincere he is for dialogue. Government has been tolerating PTI’s immature politics for the last four months. Imran Khan is requested to support democratic process in the country. All political parties want the supremacy of law and constitution and are supporting the government. Imran Khan has become politically isolated and is trying to destabilize the country.”

Nisar Hussain (Senior Journalist): “To resume unconditional dialogue with PTI is a positive gesture. Both parties seem serious for dialogue. Pakistan could not afford politics of anarchy. Government has accepted all demands of PTI including constitution of judicial commission and electoral reforms. Imran Khan should have to accept the decision of Judicial Commission. The country has been facing political instability for the last four months.”  

Taking part in discussion, Senior Journalist Zafar Mehmood Sheikh said that Government has always been ready for dialogue. Demands of PTI were accepted but situation became out of control because of Imran Khan’s U-turns.

He said Imran Khan has shown willingness for dialogue now because nation has rejected his political policies. People of KPK have been facing a lot of challenges but their provincial government has been involved in participating in unconstitutional sit-in.           

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