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Internet service suspension in Occupied Kashmir stalled online health facilities
November 10, 2019

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The suspension of internet service due to military clampdown in Occupied Kashmir has stalled some major life saving initiatives thus taking a heavy toll on already crippled lives of residents of the territory.                                                                     

In an article, Indian Express reports that a whatsapp group titled ‘Save Heart Kashmir’  was launched by doctors from across Kashmir a year and half ago to guide and treat patients through online connection and has saved more than seven hundred people so far.                                    

The functioning of the group has been halted since August 5th due to suspension of internet services.                        

While hospitals remain close and no transport available, the lack of access to such online facilities has rendered the people of territory totally helpless.                                                    

The group connected 120 hospitals and over 1200 doctors for providing quick advice and treatment to the people.